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J-Horror female ghosts totally rocks

I have been reading this really good book called, “J Horror, the definitive guide to the ——–” and I really think the author has a great perspective of viewing things. There are alot I would say I agree with his arguments, and the similarities of Asian horrors does not always links back to J Horror. I think Asia herself shares a similar cultural background, religious beliefs and the confucian traditions, making several Asian nations shares alike ideas to one another.

Asia is still very much an oppressed place where females are still being submissive towards male-dominance societies, and that women are being the main characters of horror movies, being the woman who is filled with grudge and takes revenge on those who harm her. Women are not being demonized, but a object for people to fear. Perhaps, the authors of these horror wanted to show the power of women which not all people would be able to experience. It is the haunting of women that will scare everyone on the face of earth. Women can be scary too. And I can be scary too.

I was just having a thought.

What if one day, I die, which i don;t really have to use the word “if” because I know I will die anyway, Would I be able to choose between heaven, hell and stay on earth? I think staying on earth gonna be cool. Then  I can be a ghost and haunts after those evil social ills of society. That will be great. Like…. haunting after those who demonized women, who are sexist (Do i need to haunt down the whole population of males?), and also those woman who sleeps around and creating such a bad reputation of other women. I will definetely do that. Well-behaved women somehow, remain unnoticed. So I am gonna be the one who punishes those evil ills of society, hurt those people psychologically…I think that will be great.

Sadako puts the curse on everyone who watches the videotape. she wants the curse, the sorrow of her death to be known and people have to make copies so they would not die. And Kayako.Is that her name? The mother from Ju-On? Well, she haunts everyone who enters the house, the curse will stay with the person and follows after the cursed one, and from this, like a virus, the curse is being passed on.

I should also be something legendary like that. Because human are so evil, God would not punish them, do you think there should be someone to haunt them and punish them instead? To be an individual is great, but to be one and bring inconvenience to another is unforgivable. And if you represent yourself as part of the collective system, for instance, a student under a department, you ought to actually, “BEHAVE” and not create the tree of apples to be rotten because of your unacceptable behaviour. For instance, Thai women had been demonized and looked down because there are a few percentage of women who are making the name bad. I am a Thai woman and I would say I am extremely well-behaved and I am nothing like those stereotypes of Thai women other people had generlaized onto us. I have LOADS of Thai friends who are women and I could say……. nearly every single person I know, heardly come close to those stereotypes. Learn your facts by experiences, not stereotypes.

And so I have written such a long post. I am becoming more feminist each day,  but since there are like several types of femnist, I surely belong to one category. Dont really care to figure out. I just love how women are being represented in horror movies. something to be afraid of. Unlike AV when women are objectify into sexual objects,  I love Sadako who is so scary and strong. Tomie’s views are radical, but I am not to her extreme. I will let her do that job in killing evil men then.

If you ain;t evil, then don;t worry.


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Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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