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Gender roles……who makes them?

Have you ever wondered who made the rules for these gender roles?
Who set the rules that women should be the one at home… and men to go out there to work?
Who sets the rules that men should be masculine and not care about their looks.
Who sets the rules the women should be the one who raise the child, and should not be out there to work because it is a huge duty of a mother to look after the child?

How i want to find the person who sets these gender roles and shake him hard.
First of all, women during the Muromachi period in Japan was not that oppressed. It was  “Confucianism” that came along brought these rules that women shouldn’t be in those fields to work, and be at home instead to work INSIDE the house. But then, guess what, they brought these gender roles over to Japan, and there it began…. the oppression of women and still exists today. I thank you so much.  Confucianism had its good points too, but what I cannot accept is how his ideas brought to Japan during that period had transformed Japan.  But it is not right to only blame Confucianism. Tokugawa shogunate was the one who thinks that it is right to introduce to the society.

But then the Meiji era came along, and women had to be the “ryosaikenbo”….. you know those Wise mothers, Good Wives” concept. Some feminist would still like to keep that, but it is not wrong if you had the choice. My choice is not to be a housewife. I didn;t get a Masters to be a housewife, and i wont get even a bachelor if i had to stay at home and raise a child.  I rather be single if I was forced indoors.

But then, gender roles in general, who made them?
The Westerners also have those concepts of gender roles too, but then, they aren;t my interest to  write about them.

Metrosexuals are said to be label as gays. But I could say…. being a man who love beauty does not EQUALS gay. because men can love beauty, women can love adventures…. men can wear makeup….. women can wear pants…. and so, why do men like pretty boys are labelled as gays if they like to have a great appearance? They are loads of gaymen who loves beauty, but there are REAL men who love beauty…

Anyway, i just disagree with gender roles……some of them are alright but then who says that men could not wear long hair? who says men cannot look feminine and beauty, or even love cooking? Who says women could not go out and work, have independence and all….or even have a job while they have children at home?

All it comes back to social expectations.

My next intellectual discussion will be  on ….. men-men relationship.

I guess something has started inspires me to write these ways again!

I am rather happy that It is all coming back to me!


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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