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I went out on a date with my darling Praew today. We had loads of fun, and had loads and loads of conversations…. One of the best topics we share was her experiences of people she met, those people who i haven’t yet met. It was fun talking to my Praew. It was even better … Continue reading

How I wish i had a time machine which would turn me back in time, in a time where i treasure most. High School. I would say, my high school life is not all exciting, but then, it is the time when i have the least responsibility to do, and then, I got the best … Continue reading

Why should females always be the gender which has the disadvantages of everything? Could anyone answer that question for me? You know, one of my professors once said, Men sleep with sluts but marry the  good woman. But then honestly, why should good women be the one who got to be with men who sleep … Continue reading

いま、day 1 はおわった!わたしのしけんわとてもよかったよ! 87.7でも、わたしのtotal grades は、92%!すてきですね! 今、二週間くらいやすみから、わたしはちょっとひまで。 きょう、わたしはジムへいった、つかれたよ。 ジムはたのしかった。 まだ、日本語がじょうずじゃない、それに、わたしのいけんときもちいはかくことができません。 だれがすき。。。。おしえないよ。毎日。。。。あいたい、あいたい、、、あいたい。。。。 さあ。。。手越はあの人よりすきだよ。 じつは、あの人は日本語ができませんから。。。わたしはにほんごを書いた。。わたしのかぞくはにほんごもうできません、そして、なにもわたしはかく、かぞくたちは、ぜんぜんわかりません。これで、わたしのいちばんひみつですよ! どうして、このトピクは、ひみつですか? かんたんだ。。。もしわたしはおもしろい人はあった、あの人といいきもちいがある。そして、すきだった。。。 わたしの「すき」と「恋」はおなじじゃないよ。わたしのともだちはすくないよ。そして、わたしのともだちはとてもすきです。でも、あのひとはちょっともうすき。今、恋じゃない。とてもすきだけ。。。。でも。。。。このことばははなさない。 I should practice my Japanese to a level where I can express my feeling like a poem, just like i did with english……..My punk season is coming……….But i think spring would soon to come! years of autumn poems……..I need … Continue reading

Fighting for what we believe in, standing for what we think is right, and living for the truth that we believe in…. all of these are freedom of expression, speech and the expression of individuality. And at times, when we stand there in the spotlight, we have to be the nail that gets hit down. … Continue reading

“After the storm…comes another storm”

It must have been a stormy year for me. After one storm comes along, and another appears. Hard to even catch my breathe in those dark seasons! How would I wish I could at least have a little break from all these stormy seasons and settle down to rest for a while. I am feeling … Continue reading

Apparently, the project work was kinda alright……. apart  the various parts in which that person forgets some of the lines, keywords helped him a bit, but its alright…. i think… Now, its my time on stage! well… its just that I need to keep fit with my japanese knowledge! Next week is the last week, … Continue reading

今夜、つきはとてもきれいです。おおきくて、きろい、ちょっとこわいけど。。。わたしがすきです。 最近、いろいろなものがある。今、わたしのあたまがいたいよ。 わたし、一人だけ、たくさん人の間。たいへん。。 もしも、わたしは猫になります、わたしはぜったい。。。きっとうれしいよ。 人の世界はわたしはすきじゃない。 友達はいいけど、一人。。いいえ、ふたり男はだいきらいよ。 あのイギリスひと、はなすとき、いつもthink that women are inferior to men. and women have to accept what men like to. For example, if the men went to those massage slut houses, women should be able to accept because there is no feeling given to those sluts. ARE YOU MAD! LOOK, I rather want … Continue reading

Seven Ways to avoid people copying your lecture notes

You know, when you go to classes that requires “lectures”, you need to take down notes as quickly as you can. And there are times when you missed out one or two words or info from the professor. Well. it is fine. You could ask the person next to you for some info, and sharing … Continue reading

I hate group projects

In this torturing world, there are so many kinds of people who seems really really un-understandable. I had this group project in which I, and the other girl completed the whole script. No problem. The other weakest student in the class, was in my group. And you know what at least if you know that … Continue reading