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I hate group projects

In this torturing world, there are so many kinds of people who seems really really un-understandable.

I had this group project in which I, and the other girl completed the whole script.

No problem. The other weakest student in the class, was in my group. And you know what at least if you know that you are no good in doing anything, you should just READ alittle. But it came unread. And so I told him straightforward that he should at least put some effort and read and he was pissed.

Look, any educated person or a person of high intelligence and responsibility should understand that they are the one who is in the wrong of not doing GROUP work. I have been to several groups, and when i tell them to put effort in, they do. Because they know that without me, they would not have their grades, but this dude who isn;t as intelligent and educated as I am, got so pissed off,

Because I told him straight forwardly. He even say that he didn;t want to work, he wanted to change teams, and that is being so fucking immature. Any immature person would understand, and if they have no time, tell me right to my face that they are really busy. What he did is pull such a drama scene… “I want to change groups, I dont want to be in this team. ”

Oh crap. I just can;t stop releasing this anger in me without using swearing words! I am so so so so mad. But as I am being raised in such a great family, and being educated overseas for half of my great life, I am straightforward, to the point and I tell people when they are in my group and does not make an effort. Heaven’s sake. the trouble went on and on, and then this really nice lady who always supports on the right side, she asked the sensei for help. Yeah and then he said, why don;t talk to him before we consult a sensei? and he was so dead serious then he wanted to change groups. He is certainly trying to turn the tables.He made the lady so mad too..

This type of people. short tempered, very very uncivilized, IS IMMATURE. but the things is, he said everyone is immature. Oh my my my, if i was a knight back in Shakespearean time, I would have slay him good. But since i say, I am educated, I kept t inside. The final thing got cleared, but yet you know, I HATE to work with people like that. I gave it all for the group work, and i am not being selfish. the person who is being selfish is the one who does not put an effort in a GROUP project. Maybe he doesn;t know what Group project is like…… Maybe he needs a freaking dictionary to figure out what “group” actually means. God God… another 20 or so more days, and he will disappear from my sight. No more group projects anymore… And I am now an adult, I dont want to show off my anti towards him when it is destined for him to be in my group. I am truthfully…… tired of this species of people.

So then, I have never ever been in a group where this type of incident happen.

I am so tired of all those shit.

Can Jason come and help me with getting rid of this kind of people?
Friday the 13th exists this month too..
I will wait for you, Jason. Come and destroy those species of ignorant human beings.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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