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Seven Ways to avoid people copying your lecture notes

You know, when you go to classes that requires “lectures”, you need to take down notes as quickly as you can. And there are times when you missed out one or two words or info from the professor. Well. it is fine.

You could ask the person next to you for some info, and sharing lectures will eventually give you and the friend a chance to… get the info right, moreover, you get the details for the exam. This is what  I call, sharing info, helping…..

But then, if you are a bit, or more intelligent than others, you are a good listener and note taker, beware. Someone is gonna take advantage of you. And no way, you are gonna get the other details, because they depend the lecture notes you took, when they are at the back, daydreaming what to eat after class.

1) First of all, you know, you are a good note taker. and then the people flock to you. you dont even know their names. they come and ask you so politely. “can i borrow your notes?”you know it is coming.

2) you just gave them your notes anyway. and you know what is gonna happen next.

3) you went down the copy center, and you notice. tens and tens of your sweat-pressuring-hard lecture notes have been circulated. and then you even didn;t know the person who got it… since they got it from the person who got it, from the person who got it, to the power of five and to the person who firstly ask you.Perfect, those people dont even know your face. only your name. and they never thank you, and they never even thought that this helped them alot in their exams.

4) then for the next three years you are back to uni, now, you still see your lecture notes being passed around. You should actually get money for the lectures and the intellectual property that you have written.

How to avoid them?

1) write backwards. A very very beloved friend of mine did these techique, and it worked. It worked for me too, it avoided for a while back it is hard to write backwards while listening. Get some practice. No one would wanna read it, since it takes too much time.

2) write in another language. If you are bilingual, and u can write in another language, then do it. It limits the people getting ur notes. if you are not, then, too bad. you cannot use this advice.or maybe learn LOTR alphabet symbols. It works.

3) draw pics! yes. when the professor is taking about mono lisa and the unequal background landscape at the back……. draw a sucky pic and point to areas, writing in super messy script. But you gotta be sure you need to understand what you are writing.

4) record the lecture, and write it at home. keep lectures notes at home, so no one could see it.

5) Do not take lectures.

6) once the class ends. RUN. Don;t talk to anyone. Go home, and keep your lectures safe.

7) write the opposite of what the lectures are. Like, Beethoven was not deaf, Mozart was. And you know this is actualy INCORRECT. so it makes them know that your notes sucks. they will never get them again.

Now I have given 7 awesome ways.

But honestly, people who take good notes are just intelligent and fast.

those who NEVER take them, and only borrows from others are the opposite.

so…..I would be  glad that my notes might still be circulating after so many years.



About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!



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