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あのイギリスひと、はなすとき、いつもthink that women are inferior to men. and women have to accept what men like to. For example, if the men went to those massage slut houses, women should be able to accept because there is no feeling given to those sluts. ARE YOU MAD! LOOK, I rather want my guy to be gay then to go ahead at those massage places! My “future” guy of course would always, be so high up there that won;t even take a look at those underclass homo sapiens.  This kind of guy should only die. I wish in this world, I can eliminate all these people. If they can go to whore houses, why can;t I go to host clubs? haha, look out, I am a feminist and if the guy tries to challenge his authority of just being a man over me, I am going to teach me a good lesson.

The other dude, which I am lazy to wrte in Japanese. is in my group and is pulling me down to depts of hell..

He is soooooooo un-intelligent, that he could not even recite his script, and gets all whining because he himself is too stupid to recite stuff! I wish he could embarass himself in front of everyone!!!!That will be heaven.

You may see, How much I struggle in Thailand, meeting these kind of people, meeting these kind of uneducated, self-righteous people who thinks that they are so good when they are actually fucking dumb, stupid and dares to argue with a person like me who did almost all the crap for him.

I struggle alot in Thailand. I don;t have to in my JAL days. nor my Australian days. Do you know why, because the people i meet in JAL and Sydney are educated. When they do things incorrectly, they work it out straight and does not argue. I dont CARE what education he has, but he is so low. Even that English dude. those people, those guys that I came across brings me a step closer to be a lesbian.

It is because those guys exists, pretty girls are becoming lesbians. Even the smart ones are singled out.

You know, Tegoshi, maybe the reason I like you, is because, you are not so much like a guy.



About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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