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Why should females always be the gender which has the disadvantages of everything?

Could anyone answer that question for me?

You know, one of my professors once said, Men sleep with sluts but marry the  good woman. But then honestly, why should good women be the one who got to be with men who sleep with sluts? Or are there no men who are decent?

I think my radical thoughts are shifting a gear in me.
I don;t give a damn if women wants to degrade herself, cause that’s her body.
But the reputation of women as a whole would also be destroyed since people sometimes to differentiate and discriminate one from another.

One women does not represent the whole of other women. One bad apple should not make the whole tree of apple rot….And I am not gonna forgive the person who stain their dirt on me, when I have never ever had a stain on my skin.

There has been some issues dealing with “modern women”, and “women these days.”
Modern women are those who are educated, intellectual, and has an individuality to be independent. This is what I call a modern woman. They do not slut themselves and in relationship, they are in a position in which they made themselves be respected, not objectify themselves into toys for the boys. I belong to this type of category.

“women these days”, are different. Those people totally follow their hearts, and their “sexual” desires, wanting to do whatever they want to do, for example, having several guys …..sleeping around, and not being a good mother figure. You know these people can sleep around, but in the end of the day, people gonna firstly have a bad impression of you even before they met you, because your reputation has been soiled with dirt, and even if you are such an angel and has such a good personality,  people for sure, gonna judge you from the reputation you have.No matter how good the guy is, one day, they will definitely pick on your past mistakes. Because you can;t change the fact that you once was a person who was soiled with dirt, and even washing it, there are still stains left behind.

So before you ever have your reputation stained, think well. Do not let emotions take you to the level where you would be disrespected.

My reputation has NEVER been stained, cause I was raised in a great family who teaches me to be a modern women. This is why I think a girl like me deserves a man who is equally as good. hahaa Or maybe… a woman who is just an independent thinker like me.

I guess I prefer the second option.
If I don;t have a guy, at least, I have places where guys can be around me. For instance, a host club.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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