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My dear blog…. Sometimes, I stay up and wonder…… Has people I know in this real life EVER CARED to read my blog? I mean there is hardly anything private in here….Cause I am an extrovert… pretty much of an open book if I get to like you. But then, the great suspicious thing is……… … Continue reading

The Blue Pill…..or the Red Pill

If you are old enough to remember the great movie, Matrix, you would have remembered the legendary scene of the “Blue” and the “red” pill. At that time, I did not make a big fuss what they are. But lately, ever since I became more philosophical and more insightful, i became to analyze things deeply, … Continue reading

I am running out of topics to write. But I am thinking of one right now…… Oh. I painted my nails black. Welcome back to the Gothic season. Well then, even though, by reading my blog, you could just easily read me like a book. By just talking to me, and getting to the part … Continue reading

The Ideals are still the same

I wrote this post around end of last year. https://angelofdevotion.wordpress.com/2008/12/12/the-ideals-2008/ And my ideals have not yet changed. The only thing I would like to include is, The person must not be sexist. I cannot stand those kind of people. God. I love my blog. I love my outspoken ideas, and i need a change of … Continue reading

Heart or Head

My Japanese classes are getting more and more difficult!!!! But I am never gonna give up. I never want to give up. This is a dream I want to achieve, I want a PhD to climb up the ladder, and a PhD to actually show that I am capable of fulfilling what I want. I … Continue reading

The reminder

I have written in the very last post about wanting so bad to write about this topic. Relationships can indeed be the thing that makes one smile even at the most darkest hours of the night, and the thing that makes one frown at the brightest hours of the day. But in every single relationship, … Continue reading

I was totally worn off today too! I went to Siam to get a book or two for my cousin, and went to Granny’s house. Nothing so important. But then, a thought came to my mind. I don;t know why, but i just want to be better than I am now, much better, for instance. … Continue reading

April Rants

I have not updated for a few days. I am going to stop ranting about politics for now, since I am extremely exhausted from making judgments, and bitching about other people.Tired of those troublesome things that I have to always anaylze and make it sound convincing and smart. I just gonna write on personal rants … Continue reading

Thailand’s Black Holiday

After I have bitched so much about politics in my journal, I would like to be more sensible in my post, using better analysis of the events of Thailand’s Black Songkran. The Red-Shirts who firstly created a chaotic scene in Bangkok right before our nation’s most important long holiday, firstly block the most important intersection … Continue reading

I am so glad that everything is so much better. The reds went home… a majority of them. The government really made a steady, patient and sensible move on those rioters. And there Thaksin blasted himself off his international news interview, trying to lie to the whole world yet the whole world could not have … Continue reading