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I went to the gym today again…tired.

The pain at the side of my thighs have not yet been healed, and yet, more pain would be taking me over! yay!
I sound so happy while talking about pain.
Sounds like an M  It’s kinda good, because Tegoshi is an S.

Oops….I might not be aware of the people reading my blog, but then, anyway….just hope they are 16 and above. Not healthy for younger teens.

So If you are not above 16, please kindly move away from this post. It is a discourse on adults’ topic, ou have been warned.

I ever read from this book which states that to escape from pain, you must be used to the pain.
That is exactly what I am trying to do, but instead, to get used to something, you got to enjoy it.
That will even make this post more kinky than ever…..

I have been reading the History of Sexuality Volume 1 , by Michel Foucault, it is hard to understand, but I think it is kinda interesting. I need to read the next to volumes. I wanna read the one about the sex and power topic, which will actually account on bondage philosophy on how the submissive would like to feel helpless and stuff…. interesting topic.

There are a few links with the masculinity topic I have been reading about, one of them is sodomy, and the shudo practice in the age of the samurais, but actually, Greek warriors are also ………..practicing sodomy. I kinda understand what he wrote about the discourse on sex during those days are more likely to link with the procreation, without any desires but to get make babies.

This post is getting even more explicit as I write. I did not write about anything offensive to any heritage or gender. Just a discourse on sex in general.

Anyway, I can;t wait to read about the bondage philosophy. It is nice to know about why humans do these kind of things, but I would never know if I would like it as a practice myself. But then, I used to wonder why hikkikomoris want to spend their time with themselves, and not to go out to socialize. But since that experiment which i did, I kinda understand. So in the future, when i find some nice dude to marry, why not experiment it out?

Oops.I did not say that. It is just part of my experimental research so I could put myself in other’s shoes and see if Michel Foucault is right or wrong.


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Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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