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The raindrops which land on the face of the earth,
from the highest location which it could see,
down below, the chaotic world which pronounces of love,
There, it lands, going back to where it used to be.

Us humans, and all creatures of the earth,
For now, what if you only live once,
A single second that passes, there is no turning back,
Life moves on ahead……there is future is right in front of you

But who is that who shares the red thread along with me?
The new world that I would step into,
The life of mine, that would slowly change,
For once, I am not by myself……
But chained to another, up to the mountain where a new life begun.


God…. This is the messiest poem I have ever written.
It is more like free association, so it is of course, directly written from my wicked thoughts of my mind.
But at least, It ain’t naughty.

I have been karaoke-ing for 3 hours today, singing loads of songs. Yes, be jealous of me, that I have a perfect karaoke system at home. haha.
And I really love that Kelly Clarkson’s Because of you song, and that Aerosmith’s don;t wanna miss a thing song is really really my fave song.

If only a really really nice bloke sang this for me, I am gonna give an extra 20 bonus point credit………cause i totally love this song for ages. and i have a rock spirit. So you know, rock ballads really really makes me happy.

I just realized that My voice joins perfectly with one kind of- happy-hippie-like music. You know “Stupid Cupid”? I think I sang that pretty well…. cause my voice is a bit naughty. and I can imitate loads of voices.
Anyway… haha

Gotta run for the day! ^^


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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