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Would the red zombies please drop dead?

This is the song I kinda copied the tune from the Slim shady please stand up…..

But you know, I am gonna write it according to the situation in Thailand now….

Here I go……….Now, Please start adding the tune to it!!!


May I have your attention please?

May I have your attention please?

Will the red zombies please drop dead

I repeat, will the red zombies please drop dead?
We’re gonna have a problem here.

They act like they never been civilized before

Their actions like thugs, trying to be so cool (NOT!)

Their leader is back worse than before
Making us laugh, as he whines in the microphone…

It’s the return of the oh wait…..You’re the loser,
You probably use dirty cash on these zombies didn’t you?
And that cash ain;t yours everything you bastard,
without your cash, you are as good as dead.

Thailand had enough of that ET

Look, even his right-hand men betrayed him

Look at those zombies, shitting around, living off ET,
acting so dumb, but they are manipulated though.

Evil ET blasted Thailand with his new phone in,
Why? Cause, “ET CAN’T HOME ” hehe

As for the zombies’ question of when he will return,
Would it be soon or would it be later
I’m sorry, zombies but this is gonna hurt,
Only his ashes will return just like you will, jerk.

Their actions is on my nerve, Their actions is on my nerve
ET’s kinda lucky coz’ he’s got respect than he deserves!
This is the message I shall deliver to little kids,
You can become rich and never even know what effort is!

Of course Zombies gonna like ET, of course they do!
You are reincarnated from dictators of the century!
He is nothing but a man with the cash, always bribing..
you know a few years from now, you won’t even exist!

So you whine about revolutions and democracy,
and some day, you’ll stop speaking to dogs and speak human language,,,

There are a million of people just me think like me,

That ET is just a bastard trying to deal with menopause

So if you agree, come and sing with me

They’re the red zombies, yes the red red zombies
They act like cavemen, they are quite uncivilized
So won’t the red zombies please shut up, please shut up? please shut up?



About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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