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Thailand’s Black Holiday

After I have bitched so much about politics in my journal, I would like to be more sensible in my post, using better analysis of the events of Thailand’s Black Songkran.
The Red-Shirts who firstly created a chaotic scene in Bangkok right before our nation’s most important long holiday, firstly block the most important intersection of the roads of Bangkok, Victory Monument over last Thursday. The traffic in Thailand has already been known to be extremely bad during evenings, yet the taxis that blocked the intersection had caused such an inconvenience to the citizens of Thailand, and the children who were in the cars would probably be traumatized by such event. The blue sky turned dark, with stormy clouds gathered around the area during the hours of the closure, people saw this as a forecast of the heaven’s anger against those red shirts.

The protest kept on, the next day, PM Abhisit announced it as a national holiday. This was to avoid any inconvenience to people who have to work for the next day. The red-shirts were still there, trying to urge our good government to resign in order to bring the criminal, convicted, ousted ex-PM Thaksin back to destroy our country. Saturday, was a shame to our nation, and our reputation as Thailand has been gone. The ASEAN Summit +3 +6 was held in Pattaya, with leaders from ASEAN as well as Japan, Korea, Australia, China, New Zealand and India. This was something very important for Thailand, since Thailand had spend such a long time in organizing this event and it was destroyed it just the first minute the protestors crashed into the hotel where the meeting was held. My friends who worked in the summit had to literally run for their lives since they were at the very building the protestors crashed into. The police were the one who gave them the convenience to get in the hotel, and surprisingly, do you think any police would actually allow that unless they recieve some bribes?

The ASEAN Summit was cancelled immediately, the leaders of the nations who ere there had to escape, and of course, this is the shame not only to our government but to our nation’s reputation. People blamed the government’s incapabilities of security within the building, and inability to tackle on the problem with the protestors. They went this far to force PM Abhisit out of his position because they “think” he has been undemocratically elected. However, they failed to understand that this was how Thaksin and his regime could get into the office as well. We never select for a PM. We select for the House of Representative to represent our PM, and the party with the most seats, along with the coalition government would be the one in the office. This was exactly how our dear PM got his place. The other parties agree to have a coalition government with the Democrats and they even vote for him in the ruling court. There is nothing unconstitutional or undemocractic about this, when this was also how the Thaksin regime got their position.
Jumping forward to the worst events to come, the leader of the red people to destroy Thailand’s reputations, was caught because of his actions that were against the law. Those people grew more violent than ever, Now, hijacking buses, putting them on fire, closing roads, stealing weapons from authorities, beating cars of ministers, hurting them, and it was Monday, when the situation was at its peak, the red shirts were so barbaric that citizens were furious with those people who now turned Bangkok into anarchy. They even confiscate, or literally use the gas tank truck from the gas company which has connections to the Shinawatra family, to threaten to bomb the city if they did not get want they want.

People complained about how the government were slow in restoring peace, but personally, if the government were to do anything or have any type of violence which led to bloodshed, human rights would be a topic which they will look into. However, this is maybe the first time in Thailand when the government actually respects the human rights (when I think they should have animal rights instead) and do not use violence to disperse the red shirts. The Government has been reasonable and patient, and use intelligence instead of violence to deal with a group of very violent people. The soldiers used the bullets used for training to disperse the gathering, and the government even provide buses for the red-shirts to return home. No one lost their lives. It was indeed a no -violence disperse of those rioters.

Citizens hated how violent they had become, since they were using citizen’s lives as a hostage to force the government to step down. The citizens of course, were people who are innocent and are unwilling to let that happen. Late at night, more citizens were against the red people, causing more violence as two lives were taken from by the red people.

Sure enough, on the other side, the government was doing at their best to control the situation. Thaksin went out on CNN, lying to the world on how he says the Thai people (which he assumes that all Thais, when actually it is only a small portion of that.) wants true democracry. HOW could it be possible that vote-buying is democracy? Thaksin went an awful interview, and less than an hour, PM Abhisit came and have an interview with CNN, revealing all the truth. This was their round one of debate. Thaksin went on BBC, showing as if his education were lacking, and answered yes yes yes no no no……Excuse me, but he was incredibly a fool on BBC. Abhisit came on after him, and made an intelligent interview once again, beating Thaksin.
As I speak, there are still demonstrations going on, but these were rather under control, yet there are chances of aftershock events to come. This morning, Bangkok Bank Silom branch and the CP Tower were threatened of bombs, (there is very close to where I learn Japanese) and it was extremely dangerous over there. It would be 2 more days when my classes would start again, I have no idea what would happen so I guess I would still be needing to go to class. You never know what would happen because even if the red leaders say that they will end, that maybe a lie. Their head leader said he will not intervene in any politics, but why is he here, creating such a revolution which threatens the reputation of his country?
There are still loads of things to consider. It had been a long day. Whether or not our country would be stable for the next few days, I would like to know myself. I just pray my best to the safety for all, especially PM Abhisit, who I trust and believe in. He is my hero, the man who save Thailand without violence, respect human rights, and he will be the man who shall make Thailand shine brighter by each day.


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