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April Rants

I have not updated for a few days. I am going to stop ranting about politics for now, since I am extremely exhausted from making judgments, and bitching about other people.Tired of those troublesome things that I have to always anaylze and make it sound convincing and smart.

I just gonna write on personal rants for a while. I am gonna place an importance with my own self, since I am in a state of confusion and depression these days. I have been much better with Praew’s accompany. if not, I may be falling deeper into my own world then I am in now.

Anyway…. My saturday was tiring.

I had a class on Saturday. A Japanese language class which was totally difficult and I was so tired from Friday’s lack of sleep, 4 hours of Japanese, a few hours of transportation, hot sun, and my 1 and a half hour or so of body-training in the gym which I can actually consider it to be my second home.

Then I had another 5 hours of  sleep again……and Saturday’s morning are supposed to be the National sleeping day, I had to force myself to get up at 7.30 to get prepared for class. Energy was drained out and i feel someone sucking my life energy. (Just wish someone would actually take my blood. I am infatuated with vampires and that person is not from Twilight.) I learnt stuff, and went home after the class, and receive my graduation cert in a big ass envelope from Sydney Uni that I passed my masters.

My debut time was there…… I had my karaoke session at home… from around 5- 11 pm. That is hella long hours of singing. But I love singing. I like to express myself through the lyrics, and I like songs which contrasts with my personality. For instance, those really…. flirty, naughty songs. Apparently, I do not have the guts (I nearly type “balls” over here, but for your information, I am biologically female) to actually be too flirty and naughty “in practice” so I just express it through my other secret blog, and through singing, writing and also talking about it.

But trust me. I have never even step into a club. I have never even given a hot stranger a “I am so damn interested in you” look. I have never done things that would make my future husband (whoever he will be, the future is not for us to see) thinks I am totally wasted.I was never drunk, I just pretended to be drunk (after drinking MILK) And I am not a 14 years old girl. I am 22. This is how decent I am.

Yeah. I am the type of stereotypical girl who stays at home being innocent (not so innocent), gets online and write boring blog entries like this one.And I fangirl on really cute celebrities, and in the end of the day, I go home and complain about my status in life of why I have been lucky in game and was never lucky in love. Never-once-I was lucky-in it.

Anyway, I mentioned about my new blog. It is nothing too important. Just my darkest (juiciest) blogs are written there. I cannot express it in this place because, my identity has been exposed, and there are people who knows me reading it, therefore, I am not gonna reveal. Knowing too much about someone is scary.

I have written quite loads today.
Can;t wait til next week. Gonna meet my darling Praew again.
It’s nice to have someone who you can really open your own self to. And someone who can tell you about things ……and we learn from each others experience. This is why I love Praew so much. We understand one another, and share our thoughts, secrets and experience. That is why she is so irreplacable. (If there is just a guy who actually knows me at least half of what she knew about me, then its gonna be awesome. )

Anyway, I gotta go and torture myself in my sleep. Been having wicked dreams these days. Dreams can be evil. They can be really really evil and have such an effect on me the very next day.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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