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The reminder

I have written in the very last post about wanting so bad to write about this topic.

Relationships can indeed be the thing that makes one smile even at the most darkest hours of the night, and the thing that makes one frown at the brightest hours of the day. But in every single relationship, there is something called “reason” which will make the relationship stronger.

Relationship is not how about one person getting all she wants. It is how you manage to live and make the other person comfortable and let her/him be themselves while being with you. Each person should also try to change themselves in order to get along, but still hold the individuality you have. If you can find a person who accepts the way you are, that would be great. There is no need to change a whole load of yourself.

Reason, as I mentioned, is indeed very very important. Because sometimes, some women can be really unreasonable. They don;t listen to reasons and if their bfs cancelled their date because of something important he has to do, you sure would need to be very displeased about that. No matter what reasons he has.
I believe that, if the reasons is sounding, then one should understand and stop being immature, fussing about all those empty promises he has. But on the other hand, the reason women are so pissed off when men canceled their dates is because women usually are anticipating to see you guys. They cherish you guys so much, and they want to be next to you. So by calling off, it shattered their dreams.

Reason is something hard to even reason out, since it depends on the reasons the person is giving. For instance, the person cannot go out on a date BECAUSE he has to meet his family members, or stuck at work and need to clear the paperwork, or even to do something important. But the point of view of the women is different. Even though you may think they are so understanding, they might be sad, because they are waiting this time to spend with you.

So what should you guys do? I don;t even know. I was never in a relationship. Even If i were, I would actually believe in everything he tells me, and find it reasonable. Because basically, I put my trust in people too much, that I end up getting hurt. I never want to trust people again, but i failed too. I am too gullible, too naive and listen to all reasons and thinks sometimes, it makes sense. Just because I never think people is gonna let me down, when most of the time, I have been let down.

What I am missing in life, is human interaction.
I don;t hang out with large groups of people, and only be DAMN attached to people who I find them pleasant and I like their presence beside me. And once I fully give all my trust to that person, sometimes, my whole world crashes down easily.

I don’t know what I would be like when i am in a relationship.
-I do not want to be the kind of girl who won;t listen to reasons. Cry, whine and fuss about not getting what she wants.

-I’d hate to be the type of girl who complains all day about her guy not having enough time for her. Just a phone call or sms (s) each day might do, don;t have to meet each single day, because I NEED MY OWN SPACE TOO. I HAVE A LIFE that does not only belong to that person. I need time to write THIS BLOG.

– I like to be spoiled and have the attention, but then honestly, I should stop that idea and grow up. I would like to be taken care of, but being too overprotected makes me feel like……I am at home.

– But honestly, I don’t like long distance relationships. Cause I cannot help it when I think where he is now, what is he doing? Hurts me too much when I get overly imaginative. Even though I would trust him, but then, dude….. can men really be trusted? People these days are dangerous. They can take away things that actually has an owner.(referring to the women who take “taken” men away)

So in conclusion, I guess, i would not be involve in any relationship now. I would be flying around for a bit, I don’t like my life in Thailand that much. I don’t like to feel that a hammer is nailing me now because i am different and stick out from the crowd. I want people to accept me for who I am, and would not say that I should be like others. I need to be independent and have thoughts that creates a unique “me”. Now I am using some brains to write this kind of emotional stuff.

Next topic, would likely be Head Vs Heart.
It’s at a battle for a thousand years.
See if I could write tmr.


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Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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