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I am running out of topics to write.
But I am thinking of one right now……
Oh. I painted my nails black.

Welcome back to the Gothic season.

Well then, even though, by reading my blog, you could just easily read me like a book.
By just talking to me, and getting to the part where i became an extrovert and would  be willing to tell everything to you, then you have been welcome to my world. That is how I always will be, and furthermore, I really feel that I have been accepted once i reached to the extrovert part.

If you see me, you may think, that gothic, punk girl seems so scary. Look at her black nails, her super scary accessories, etc…..but if one really gets to know me, I think, there is nothing evil about me. I may be sadistic when talking about revenge, but honestly, I came to the age of maturity that I think, that nothing is gonna be better if I took revenge on people. Because i think those who had done bad, some day, when they do it to others, they will receive a bad reputation, and that is where they just end there.

I have a few people I have on my black list who i wanted to take revenge on, but honestly again, why on earth should I spend my single second of precious time which I could use to increase my knowledge, in taking a revenge to feel my satisfication of the thing they had done to me before?  Not worth it at all. I took a small way out. They will end up embarassing themselves, creating a bad reputation of themselves, because I never and would never hurt anyone. If I don;t like them, I just don;t talk to them, but i don;t like to hurt feelings. I don;t want my feelings to get hurt either.

I am sure if i met those people who had hurt me again, I would just be mature, give them a smile ( a wicked one, like the one which shows my superiority over them). But then, you know, I don’t think i should throw a tantrum, or even scream because that would make me lose. I am a not a little girl anymore.

I could say I have been bullied back in school, teased so much, that I am so sick of groups, so sick of loads of people around, sick of those people who can put me under their inferior list. So What i did, was use my abilities to climb over them all, show them that I had gone to uni, way before them, and I am indeed the youngest student in my whole class, and now the student who got her masters when others still got their bachelors. Now, I want more. I might die because of greed, but this is my revenge back to those people who had hurt me. I am just gonna go up there, as high as I can, and there I shall look at you, and thank you for making me so strong, that make me this successful.

That only applies to people who had “hurt” “bully” (you name it) me

For those who I like and still pretty much like, I am still there with you. I do not step higher than you, because I want to be a friend who will walk, and always be beside you. And if i like you more, I would even do anything to make them happy. Make them feel that my accompany would make them feel really special.

God. Its so late again.
I think I am gonna cry tmr.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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