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Mini Update

I think tmr, my life is going downhill…. when I recieve my Day 2 midterm results which I know I did not do well….. AT ALL. Too many things kept me busy and insane, and this time, I am gonna get bad grades I know…..but i still have my finals……to help me get a better … Continue reading

Rants are back in May

You may wonder where on earth have I gone to. Yes. I was in the brink of being insane. I honestly need my great psycho-therapy sessions with my best friend but apparently we are living in two different countries and both are going insane….at the same time for different situations and need the therapy. soon. … Continue reading

Well then, I think I worked out too much yesterday. My back is totally ………Well, it really really hurts. I feel that my kidney has some bruises and stuff. Or I am suffering from some bodily internal pain!!! Going off to grandmother’s house tmr, a Japanese class on Monday, then off to the gym. I … Continue reading

Anytime I didn’t write on this blog of mine, just a day or a few hours, I feel insecure and I have a desire to express alot. So as I say, my life is filled with a storm after a storm, only a few moments of calm, then a storm again. Actually, I could not … Continue reading

“There is no tomorrow behind you, look foward” r

今日は私のきもちがわるいです。 私のタランナーは私に電話をかけて、それで、明日から、わたしのタランナーがいないよ。かなしくて、さびしくて、もう、あのひとはこれから、いません。。。 しょうがないな。。。。人の生活。自分のチョイス 今、、、気もちがわるい。。。。。でも。。。。。なにもできません。 No matter how much I listen to the Arashi’s Sakura Sake song, It really motivates me alot. I love the part when they say “There is no tomorrow behind you, look foward” Don’t you think that looking forward would only bring you to a better future? If you hold on too … Continue reading

The Monbusho is finally here!!!!! But then I was just rejected by the professor whom I was aiming to have him as my supervisor…hahaa…..Things that are not mine, shall never be mine…. I though this way to let go off my sorrow. But then, I am asking a few other professors to supervise me tomorrow, … Continue reading

Tegoshi’s Kaze no ____ whatever Japanese super opera-ish song which he sang in Hawaii is actually really…….catchy, yet I would not want to be present while he is there to sing. Cause he probably would have steal every room and chambers of my dear heart, leavng no other space for anyone else. But only If … Continue reading


最近、私の心が普通じゃない。。 私の世界が、今、どこにある? 実は、私いつも、一人で私の世界に住んで、でも、最近どうしていまのこころはよわいですか? 今心はさびしいくて、いつもかれにあいたく、いつも思い出します。 あたまとこころとどちらがいいですか? 心は 「この人はいいよ。私の心の言葉と意見が全部ききましたから、ともだちとおなじです。かれがすきだ」 あたまは「この人はいいですが、この人は友達だけよ。今うれしいでも襲来はまだわからない、それで、長い時間が待って、それから、もう考える。」と言いました。 じゃ。。。。。この人はしんせつだし、かっこいいだし、それにはなしもおもしろい。。。 かれといしょにはなすとき、たのしいよ。 でも。。。いま、こいじゃない。 すきはちいがう。ちょっとすきだけ。。。。。 じゃ。きょうはおやすみなさい。