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I really think sometimes, I need to detach myself from everything that is pulling me down. One of those, is that I won’t have to care so much about my grades and just think, I have done my best, and I am gonna do what it takes by not pushing myself too far. And for … Continue reading

On Different Roads

I am back for another post! I will be really busy for the next two following weeks, so I might not be able to update as much as I did. But then, nothing really makes a difference whether I write or not. Not many people are reading it, nor people are interested in what i … Continue reading

Each individual is being an individual and has their own unique personality.

Each individual is being an individual and has their own unique personality. I took this application test on facebook and they came out with this You were born on 28th of November 1986. :: Actor. :: Talented to entertain people. :: Loving and generous. :: With their natural attraction, they have no problems to befriend … Continue reading

A word to replace….

I am in a mood for poetry again…….It s not like a perfect Poetry… but then more to a ballad…….without the melody Word to replace Goodbye As we both stood on the platform, Silence are our last words. I could feel the same tenderness from your eyes Soon, there would be a new wind we … Continue reading


Today I went to the Japanese Embassy and got my documents screened…..But i am still worried about my GPA…..cause it is impossible to get Australian grades converted. But it is just up to people’s choices. えらぶかどうか。。。まだわからない。。。。 I have been thinking too much of the choices we can make. My palm might say I am gonna … Continue reading

Death Penalty: Necessary Evil

A new look for my blog!!!! yipee!!!!! You know, this is such such such a feminine layout, and You readers might think I am in love…….No, I am not. I just like the colour because I am depressed right now, and this is part of my self psychotherapy….. Start having bright colours around. It will … Continue reading

For that I know…..

After sometime, I have finally thought it over….. That I am gonna live the way life is leading me to. Gonna accept what is in front of me, Gonna leave whatever that makes me down, For that I know, at least this time,  defeat cannot be mine. I gonna pick up my wings of freedom … Continue reading

Robert Frost once wrote The Road not Taken, and It has slways be one of the greatest poem I have ever read. ” TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where … Continue reading

I totally, disappeared from the face of the earth. It is my longest, perhaps my longest hiatus I ever had, just because I am so busy with studies and furthermore, I was nearly hospitalized (not really. I was exaggerating) because of the evil cough, fever and cold…. And I was bombared by tests and quizzes, … Continue reading