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Death Penalty: Necessary Evil

A new look for my blog!!!! yipee!!!!!

You know, this is such such such a feminine layout, and You readers might think I am in love…….No, I am not. I just like the colour because I am depressed right now, and this is part of my self psychotherapy….. Start having bright colours around. It will make and pull me back on track. So I repeat. I am not in love. Apart from idolizing Tegoshi and having a big big big crush on Zac Efron, wanting to marry Sakurai Sho, while I fantasize about a date with Jensen Ackles….. Yeah… that kind of celebrity crushes/love….not actual love.

Okay, I am gonna show you that this blog, which looks so feminine and seems like someone who is kinda air-head would choose it, I can make it look intellectual. Damn…I am siding my egoist self again.

Okay. Back to philosophical questions.

This time my topic would be on Death Penalty.

First of all, I would like to say, taking someone’s life is unethical and immoral. No matter how you put it, it is still immoral, even for self-defense, for personal revenge, for whatsoever reasons, taking another person’s life is immoral.

Under some legal system which had been abolished in several countries, death penalty is illegal and should not be practiced on criminals and murderers. However, it is still shocking to know that developed nations like USA and Japan, highly supports death penalty. This leads to the question. Is Death Penalty, moral itself?

The answer is in this. If everyone is doing something wrong, and you are doing it too, does not make you right, or does not make that action right. I believe that death penalty is necessary evil, just like the government. It is immoral, yet it should be practiced because I live by a code. “To gain something, you have to sacrifice something of an equivalent value”. And if one man decides to end another person’s life, he should also pay with HIS life. Even if it appears to contradicts with the moral issue, i still strongly say, a life for a life.

Here i stand, in a country that dearly needs death penalty. The reason is that the authorities are able to hide away from murder, and they are not being punished for it. There is hardly any justice left, and look here, They are not just taking one life. They are putting a wound in the lives of those who are still living.

Imprisonment, takes the freedom of this jerks away. Locked up in the cell, what could be better than to put them to death? Those people who had commit their crime should be prepared for any consequences they have to face. They need to face responsibility in what they have done, even if it would mean, the people around them would be hurt.This is the truth of life. You will eventually earn something from something you have done.

Back to Death Penalty, if people say, no one has the right to take the criminals’ life away, then I will ask, what rights do they have, to be able to take the life of another away? If it is self defense, it is a different story, yet you are still being immoral for performing that act.

This is a debate that could be view in some many different ways, but i stand closer to the point where I say, death penalty is indeed immoral and unethical, but it is necessary and it is evil. Because death is something a majority of people fear, and this serves as a great reinforcement for others to think before they act. Or those who act before they think.

Good night.


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