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For that I know…..

After sometime, I have finally thought it over…..
That I am gonna live the way life is leading me to.
Gonna accept what is in front of me,
Gonna leave whatever that makes me down,
For that I know, at least this time,  defeat cannot be mine.

I gonna pick up my wings of freedom and fly,
To never put it all to my hopes,
To live in a reality that never fails to upset me,
Even if I watch my dreams from afar,
For that I know, at least for today, the day isn’t mine..

I placed my brush on the canvas,
Letting all my emotions flow through art…
And once I am done with that piece,
I shall bury it six feet under….
For that I know, at least for this moment, tears cannot be mine.

I have fantasize of Romeo, right up to Lancelot,
To all the heroes  whose love remains as words..
Never would they appear to be real,
Or even never i would ever encounter one
For that I know, at least in this lifetime, the road of love cannot be mine.

And through all success and happiness….
Through all laughter and joys,
There will be a darkness inside…
That always pull us to the other side…
For that I know, at least for this person(me), sorrow will not be mine..

And for all that know, I know only one thing…
No matter how far I try to escape from tears,
Or how far I run to chase my dreams,
Or how much I seek for the road of love,
For I only know, that in this lifetime,
Perfection…… can never be mine.


Indifference to everything……place no attachment on anything….. do not hope with all your heart….cause it might turn around to hurt you more…

There will be nothing once you cross over to the other side, there will be nothing, and your existence would be questioned. An empty shell buried down below……..no memories…..no existence…..everything… ends up to nothingness….


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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