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Today I went to the Japanese Embassy and got my documents screened…..But i am still worried about my GPA…..cause it is impossible to get Australian grades converted. But it is just up to people’s choices. えらぶかどうか。。。まだわからない。。。。

I have been thinking too much of the choices we can make.
My palm might say I am gonna live a long and prosperous life….or gonna live in a foreign country…maybe marry a foreign man…..and have a good career…..well, that cannot be perfect. Perfection cannot be mine, like I used to say.

But if they say I am gonna have a LONG LIFE. what if one day, i choose to jump and let the BTS train hit me, ending my life? Will that make me choose my own destiny?
If I say I want to go to study overseas….and if I never apply to any uni, would I actually get to go over there?
If I say I wanna get into a relationship, and if I only choose to stay at home, never to let anyone in, and stay in my fantasy of a one true love, would I actually have someone??
It is a matter of choice and a matter of how you led your destiny to.
Destiny is not created, but it is a choice that you can make it happen.
God is there not to choose it for you, but you are here in this earth, in this human world, to make decisions for yourself.

Life is a forking path, each way you choose, leads you to a different outcome. In high school,friends are all in this together…..but once you graduate, each person walks on their own path of life. Some paths are parallel, and shall never met, some paths meet along the way, and disappear again. Some paths disappear from the sight, and their existence might be gone for good.

People you meet, you might walk on the same path….. but later, they chose their own way. Just like married couples…..they are in the commitment together, but sometimes, they might choose to walk their own way……

Choices are within your power. You might think destiny has written it all for you, but you should know, that there is nothing certain in life. Whether destiny sets for you or not, you should be sure of one thing…that is certain in life….

You cannot escape from DEATH.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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