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A word to replace….

I am in a mood for poetry again…….It s not like a perfect Poetry… but then more to a ballad…….without the melody

Word to replace Goodbye

As we both stood on the platform,
Silence are our last words.
I could feel the same tenderness from your eyes
Soon, there would be a new wind we both have to face.

Alone, I don’t know if I would get used to it
Even though I had walked in the past alone…
Without the bright smiles that gave me hope
I would try to make it through this time…

The seasons that you have grown up with,|
Are worlds apart from mine.
The pain you face, the sad songs I sang,
Are walking on parallel paths,
As for this time, if we face a different wind
I will be searching for a word to replace Goodbye.

I try to come clean and reveal it all,
But I find it hard to hold back my tears..
Would there ever be a day our tracks will cross?
Til’ that day, I would still give you the same smile

Alone, we got to walk our own way,
No matter how far, I have traveled,
You would still be my light,
And I know, I can make it though the wind

The world you have seen and lived in,
Are worlds apart from mine
The tears you shed, the sad songs I sang,
Are not connected by a red thread,
As for this time, if we won’t cross the same path,
I am still searching for a word to replace Goodbye

The new strong wind, that brings
All my smiles, tears, laughs and pain
I know I made it through because I am living with a hope
To reach out for the very best,
As for this time, when we walked our own ways….
I will still be searching for a word to replace Goodbye

I am always leaving people behind…..like going somewhere to study……

So I guess this can explains it all..


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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