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Passing the Monbusho Exam! Next Stage…Interview!

A bit of update here…. I finally passed through the interview stage of the scholarship!!!! I don;t know how well I will do in the exam, but you know, my dreams and determination are what I have as the meaning of my life. So I need to grab every chance I can while my heart … Continue reading

I really had heaps of fun today, shopping with my beloved Praew!! ahaha In fact, I never liked to accompany girls for their shopping spree…..but there is only two people in this world I shop with. My mom and Praew. First of all, Mommy and Praew are not fussy. They do not spend hours in … Continue reading

In just two days, I gotta take the English Exam to Monbusho. I am not sure how well I am gonna do, but I will try my best…… Right now, I have to devote myself entirely to Japanese. I want to ace it as much as I could, *dakerudake* gonna be the best I can … Continue reading

今、私の心はどうか、わからない。。。 私の一番いい友達はタイへ帰った。とてもうれしかった。 しかし。。。。自分の心.。あのさびし気持ちがまだ治る。。。 仕方がない。。。この恋の物語は。。。終わった。 パト二があるか。。待っている。

Went out with Praew today!!!!! I am always soooo happy to be with her!! hehe

6 months of 2009

It was almost 6 months ago when I picked up my very first Japanese language book, Pink in colour, such a colour which inspires me to learn the language. Of course, the very first lessons were easy, and I managed it really well. The tests, the quizzes and all those were not that difficult for … Continue reading