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My first attempt on a foreign poem…

Sometimes, You wanna express it all for people you care for, but at times, it is far too late for you to do it.

I wrote this poem, or song, or whatever you think it is, in Japanese… To practice my super weak Japanese. Well….. here i go. My first foreign piece of written art.

My translations are not good too… since I am trying to think in Japanese and write in Japanese and from Japanese translate to English, but the meaning still lies there… so yes.

Sayonara,iwanai yo
Don’t say Goodbye

ima,kokoro ga wareteshimatta
Right now, My heart is broken

hikkoshita,zettai ni kimi no koe wasurenai
Moving away, I will never forget your voice

ano basho, tooi kedo, itsumademo, kimochi wo okuteru
That place, how far it can be, always, I’ll send my feelings there

悲しくて、うれしくて,どんな気持ち、always 君のとなりに聞いてる
kanashite,ureshite, donna kimochi, always kimi no tonari ni kiiteru
Sadness, Happiness, whatever the feelings, always, next to you, I’ll listen to you

doushite, namida koboreta
Why do these tears overflow

memories, kokoro ni aru yo
Memories, always in my heart

suki ni natta, zutto anata no warau oboeteru
I have liked you, Always, I’ll remember your smiles.

kono tokoro, sabishii kedo, itsumademo, uta wo kaite ageru
This place, how lonely, but always, I’ll write songs for you

悲しくて、うれしくて,どんな気持ち、always 君のとなりに聞いてるkanashite,ureshite, donna kimochi, always kimi no tonari ni kiiteru
Sadness, Happiness, whatever the feelings, always, next to you, I’ll listen to you

ima demo, kimi ga inai, seikatsu ga kawareta
Right Now, there is no presence of you, my life has changed

sonna sabishii, sonna kanashii, dare mo koko ni inai
How lonely, How sad it can be, there is no one here…

kimi ga iru toki,” suki da” iwanai
When you were here, I never said “I like you”

demo ima wa ososugita…
But right now, it is far too late.

There can be no one I can blame for it, but myself.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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