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The Journey that I have traveled….

For a whole of 23 years, I have traveled so far, the path is filled with full of smiles and tears. I could not see what is in front of me, what else is waiting for me, but all I know is that I need to use whatever I learnt from the past to make … Continue reading

One day, everyone will face the same fate. Everyone shall then end their journey and end up in the place where no one living actually knows where we would go. Some has reached to the highest point, and there is nothing to anticipate for, some has lost their way, when the dreams are still unfulfilled. … Continue reading

My eyes fixed upon the little kid in his blue uniform on my way to the Japanese class, in the crowded MRT train on the busy, rush hour. Kids are always nice to be around, unless they act so “wagamama” and annoying, then, that is when I started to feel my blood boil. However, this … Continue reading

Lord Voldemort returns, while all the Death Eaters flee to his side, perhaps to show their great respect towards him. In case, when the end of the world really comes, they will board the same ship. But then one should know that all rich men and all intelligent men does not always survive in the … Continue reading