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My eyes fixed upon the little kid in his blue uniform on my way to the Japanese class, in the crowded MRT train on the busy, rush hour. Kids are always nice to be around, unless they act so “wagamama” and annoying, then, that is when I started to feel my blood boil. However, this little boy’s sweet smile were so pure, so real, and once in a while, i have seen such a face, free from hypocrisy, free from the mask which we were force to wear. The mask I cannot take it off, because the society has forced this upon me.

That little boy, I wondered what future shall holds for him.
He might be a good adult in the future, holding a degree from a prestigious university, or has a career which people respect. However, it all depends on the path he chose.

There was once a poor boy who lives in the North, he was smart and won scholarships for his studies. He might even suffered because he does not have as much money as other kids do. But as an adult which he grew into, he is a disrespectful, hypocritical liar who manages to divide our country into such crisis. All kids you see on the streets today, may be the worst kind of people like we see today in our generation.

As long as we are humans, we can all fall to the dark. Do not blame the devil for his temptation for we can choose, we are not forced to be in the dark. That kid that I saw on the train, I still wonder who he will be in the future. “The future’s not us to see” but it is for us to create for ourselves.

I won’t lose myself to the dark by attacking innocent people, but who knows, if there is a demon who can give me a chance to be an avenger, but a grim reaper who could take the souls of all those evil in order to create a world that is pure just like i have thought when I was younger, I would actually take the chance. To just anyone who could grant me a single wish, I wish I can be just like any other superhero from Kurosaki Ichigo to Tsukino Usagi. I would make this world a better place, not by words like politicans, but by a supernatural power, and cleanse the world in a way that will protects the good, before their visions of optimist world be shadowed by the evil.



About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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