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Well, since my life of studying Japanese has ended, I hope that I will not go downhill. I love Japanese, no matter how bad I am at it, I still love the language, the country, the society, the culture, but the people……yeah……some of the people, but I will not forget my Japanese. But since I … Continue reading

Parting is such sweet sorrow……

There is only three days left before I leave Waseda and part with all my favourite teachers and friends. If you really get to know me, You will know that the most important thing for me is the people who make an impact in my life. But parting them is not that depressing because as … Continue reading

Cunning Fox, Rhinos and buffaloes

Not so long ago, when there was a small animal city called the Angel City. In this city, all animals co-existed together peacefully, and there were no riots and no protests because this city was ruled by God who did all his best to bring peace to the country. God has his own soldiers who … Continue reading

The world is colourful

This post is nothing related to the colours riot in my country. What I am referring to in this entry of mine is how the world is filled with people from different background, different lifestyles, different opinions, and different ways, and how they COULD STILL live in the society. Recently, we have seen so many … Continue reading