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The world is colourful

This post is nothing related to the colours riot in my country.
What I am referring to in this entry of mine is how the world is filled with people from different background, different lifestyles, different opinions, and different ways, and how they COULD STILL live in the society.

Recently, we have seen so many different opinions in the country and in this world, which gives us something called “disagreement” and “clash” between the two opposing groups. Let’s not talk about the world. Or just one country. Just talk about people around you.

Sure, there is something that you dislike about your best friend, or something offensive that your classmate had said that you made you unhappy. As we grow up into this world, you will then see the world in so many different colours, people are so different and some people are really difficult to understand. Sometimes, it really boils your blood when someone criticizes you for the person who you are. But on the other hand, if you comment on their ways of behaviour, they will give you a dirty look. Things are unfair, isn’t it?They threw missiles of offensive words  at you, but when you counterattack them, they are in rage. WOAH.

Of course, debating may allow you to understand the person better, but in terms of debating, you need to respect your opponent to a certain level. If a person’s attitude or behavior has annoyed you, don’t think that your behavior has not annoyed people.  It may have annoyed others way back, but they are too mature enough in order to point out your mistakes and forgive you, so as an adult, people let it go.

Because this world is so damn colourful, you cannot change the colours of a person. If that person wears the colour you do not like, you cannot go and pour paint on them to make them wear the colour you like. (remind that people might not even like your colours too)

The reason I am writing this, is that I want people to know that if you want to make friends, you do not go and criticize their colours just because you think it is annoying or just because you think you do not like it. If it is part of the person’s personality, you cannot change it. People are not raised into the same family as you and do not expect them to follow your ways. If you keep on having that attitude, people’s gonna hate you.

Well then, I’ll sign off.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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