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Cunning Fox, Rhinos and buffaloes

Not so long ago, when there was a small animal city called the Angel City. In this city, all animals co-existed together peacefully, and there were no riots and no protests because this city was ruled by God who did all his best to bring peace to the country. God has his own soldiers who were Owls and always, those owls were the messengers of God, trying to help all animals in the city to happiness. Each animal respected God and the Owls, and they put their trust in them.God was happy, they everyone was so united despite of their different races, they managed to be together in this city, this was paradise.

It was not too long, before Cunning Fox and his gang came along, thinking of ways how he should instead take the place of the Owl who has long been the messenger and he believes that the city needs to change.Fox managed to persuade the buffaloes and the rhinoceroses to his side and together, the Owl was removed  from his position as because in this city, there were more of those two kinds than any other species. The buffaloes were given loads of 500 acres of free land filled with fresh grass, and the fox told them, “If you continue to make me the messenger of God, you would forever have that great luxuries of eating grasses every single day, and you don’t have to work at all…”

The rhinos were a smarter creature than the buffaloes, and the messenger told them, “You are strong enough to have power of anyone. You should follow me, always and let me tell you, whatever I order you to do, you need to just follow me. I will always give you all that you want, food, prey and even power. Just control over the buffaloes and as long as you managed to still make them worship me, you will be granted with everything you want.”

The other animals, the elephants, the dogs, the cats, the tigers and the lions etc knew that something was really wrong with Fox being the messenger, the forests were changed into field of grasses and there was indeed something wrong with all those strange changes.Fox was gaining too much power, and those buffaloes and rhinos were losing their faith in God, only satisfied in things that benefits them.

Fox had more and more luxuries around him, until the elephants went out and protest. They want to throw the fox out of his position for he is doing things for his own benefits not for other animals. With a duration of nearly 5-6 years, finally, the fox and his family was chased out of the city and this time the Owls were back to be the messenger. However, the rhinos were still around and followed the Fox’s directions through the bats. The rhinos went on to stain the name of the Owls, yet the other animals knew that they were all lies. However the buffaloes were to dumb to understand that the Fox were chased out because he was doing illegals things and offering luxuries to people who will make him stronger. The buffaloes followed the elephants’ successful footsteps, and want the Fox to come back, waiting to overthrow the Owls.

Being guided by Rhinos, and without having enough brain cells to think for themselves, the buffaloes went to the level in which their threw dung all over the city, as well as use their blood to dirt the city. The other species were all in danger, and there was a riot of the buffaloes before this event which had caused much causalities, burning up the forest and threatening all the endangered species.

However, the buffaloes who thought more of  their own benefits than the city, continue to fight for the Fox even when all the Foxes have left the city in case they will be under the charges of treason.Buffaloes are fighting for them, but the foxes flee because they are afraid that they will be in danger.

How will this story ends?

Please stay tune, as I will also wait to watch this drama end……..


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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