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A good father, A bad father

I am not a super strict Christian. Nor a Buddhist. Nor an Islam. Nor a Hindu. But I believe that all religions teach us a common thing. To respect our parents, to honour them, and “parents” does not always mean the people who brought us life, but this can also be the person whose land … Continue reading

I got to apologize that I have made myself too occupied with things that had gave me limited time to spend on my blog. Politics in Thailand is still on the brink of insanity, and my life isn’t filled with roses either. I haven’t been fangirling alot this year, but honestly, I still dream of … Continue reading

There was a time……

There was a time when peacefulness of our motherland is more important than oneself. However, today, this is not the case. There are quite an amount of people who think only about their merits and benefits, and if this continues to remain that way, the future of Thailand will darkens, the smiles of people, the … Continue reading

Thailand of many colours.

Democracy does not mean that you are allowed to express your opinions and those who share different views are being threatened just because they don’t agree with you. If you claim you are fighting for democracy, that means, you don’t understand what it means AT ALL. Apparently, I went to the Pink gathering today with … Continue reading

Greed: Medium Gluttony: Medium Wrath: Medium Sloth: Medium Envy: Medium Lust: Low Pride: High Discover Your Sins – Click Here I am just evil. Look. Yes. I deserve to go down there with you Lucifer. Just that when I go down there, I want to take a few hundreds with me. Those unnecessary humans shall … Continue reading