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Thailand of many colours.

Democracy does not mean that you are allowed to express your opinions and those who share different views are being threatened just because they don’t agree with you. If you claim you are fighting for democracy, that means, you don’t understand what it means AT ALL.

Apparently, I went to the Pink gathering today with Mommy in order to counter against the Reds who claim that they are fighting for democracy and wanna abolish the elitist government, and whatever, but honestly, there is a HIDDEN AGENDA behind that. Firstly, they want their master back, the Lord Voldemort of Thai politics, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, i cannot say the latter.

Being in the gathering, I learned that there are loads of people who still trust in PM Abhisit who I truly respect, and there are people who love the country, love the King and does not want the Reds to harm our country any longer. It maybe true that the Yellows were out there in 2008, closing the airport, but that is now HISTORY. What we have in our hands right now is a nation which is developing well, and going on the right track under this government.

I encountered a “Stop corruption, dissolve parliament” sign, and I wondered, “Look who’s talking!!!” It was their master’s government who did those corruption. If not, why on earth was his assets frozen for years, and confiscated then?  Those people do not know. They only know that by being in the demo, wearing red shirts will give them meals, be baked under the hot sun, while their master is out there in his palace, trying to think of ways to use nonsensical ways to pressure our PM. THE BLOOD TECHNIQUE was useless…….now what else?

Recently, there are several colours popping out.
Reds: you know them, those hardcore people who fight to death under the hot sun for a few thousands~ and want Lord Voldemort back.
Yellow: the PADS……I love watching their news. Sarcastic and super sa-jai.
Pink: The people who love the King and fight to counter the Reds’ selfish requests.
Blue: Last year they were those who hates the Reds and fight with them.
Purple:  homosexuals who go against the Reds’ selfish requests.
Black: The people in Greater Bangkok who go against the Reds’ selfish requests.
white: group which promotes peace.

Next, I will be topless.

I do not what will happen tomorrow.
By as long as I live, I dedicate all my respects for PM Abhisit.
And I shall dedicate all my life in loving and fighting for my King.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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