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I have always wondered which part of episode in my life that had shaped who I really am. It is by natural that I hate to go out into the society to meet loads of people or is it the experiences I had that made me the way I am now. I just couldn’t figure … Continue reading

The stars in the night skies aren’t visible again, No moon, No light, all that is darkness surrounds. How much more does she has to suffer in pain, Her cries, her sorrow, are only there to be found. What wrong has she done to put her through this? Exactly how long would she be captured … Continue reading

Lately, I have been earning loads of money! BUT i don’t have a chance to use them…..AT ALL! I have decided that I am not going to buy my Japanese N3 book since I have a month to take the exam, and yet, my whole 2 months has been wasted due to the political problems … Continue reading

Shounen-Ai Alert Part 1

After all these chaotic situations that the citizens of Thailand had to face almost everyday, and even when peace was about to be of reach, another violent incident occurred, leaving 2 policemen dead. Dear God, I hope you will continue to protect the good people and destroy the bad ones. Anyway, I would like to … Continue reading

This is a message to someone I know and I know this message will never reach tht person. I don’t know how you still have the heart and soul to keep on living when you betrayed someone who had raised you up. I don’t know how long you will stop looking at the world as … Continue reading

Bangkok, dear Bangkok.

Bangkok, a city where tourists have said that Thai people are one of the friendliest people, where smiles could be found everywhere. However, this is the image that had been destroyed completely, because there is no longer smiles around when there is chaos going on in our city. In 2008, when the PADS gathered around … Continue reading