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Bangkok, dear Bangkok.

Bangkok, a city where tourists have said that Thai people are one of the friendliest people, where smiles could be found everywhere. However, this is the image that had been destroyed completely, because there is no longer smiles around when there is chaos going on in our city.

In 2008, when the PADS gathered around the airport, there had been controversy and great deal of arguments going on, about the Yellows being terrorists who forced the airport closure, however, the PADS gathered around the airport, there was one thing that was right about them. They feel safe by being around the airport, and not at the rally, where lives have been taken. Legs have flown off, and arms were gone. This is the truth. I am not judging whether their actions are justified, or their actions are correct, I am just saying that they feel safe, perfectly safe when they were rallying at the airport.

I shall turn the chessboard around, for you to picture the Reds. Okay. For the same reason, they are fighting for democracy. But do they understand what democracy really is? They had spoiled our New Year for 2 years. If you want to have a look at what they did, please look at this video and make your own judgments. Because I might be shot dead or threatened if I were to criticize.

This is only one vid I have shown to you. Yes. This happened last Songkran.

And Now, almost 80 bombs have been around BKK ever since they started their rally on March. I don;t know who was responsible for it, but then I think if you have deduction skills, you probably figure out who. \

Oh, and democracy. Let’s see what they think democracy is.


This is a vid of the Reds beating up a woman who refuses to take their pamphlets which writes “Party Dissolution”. Yes, honey…..A WOMAN.

In April 10th, Thailand became super famous, being on BREAKING NEWS of every single channel around the world. But as you watch this vid, notice that the Reds were holding weapons and the men in black were not soldiers nor REDS but they are men in black and there have been only theories of who they might be, so far.


And then, a few days later, the Silom bombings by a mysterious sniper who injured several and one woman’s life were taken. She did not die right away but because the reds dragged the victims of the explosion down from the trucks and best them up. Moreover, they also blocked trucks and ablances from entering Silom so the victims shall remain in the danger zone. This is a clip where the bombing and the victims could be seen.

Oh dear, and just two days again, another casualty of a soldier who was killed. Notice that the Reds were not in danger at all, only to be in danger on the April 10th incident. Detective Conan, what is your answer?

Before I forget, you probably heard that the Reds Seized the CBD of Bangkok, causing such inconvenience to several Bangkokians. And they threatened to burn down the buildings, and speak of several communist tactics of everyone being equal, and they shall burn all buildings so BKK will have nothing like their countryside. Like that?

Imagine, if your country were occupied and invaded by such people, who throw feces and blood at the Prime Minister’s house, threatened those who opposed them, wrecked their cars when they try to bring a sick girl to the hospital, and latest, INVADE A HOSPITAL CAUSING THE PATIENTS TO EVACUATE.

Do you think that this is democracy? Dear friends, please wear my shoes. I am in a country that is falling apart into anarchy and my government cannot give into a bunch of people who is trying to make Bangkok into either a communist country or anarchy state. Will your government give in to them?

I am so sick and tired of it, and I really want all of this to end.

Dear God, please save Thailand.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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