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Shounen-Ai Alert Part 1

After all these chaotic situations that the citizens of Thailand had to face almost everyday, and even when peace was about to be of reach, another violent incident occurred, leaving 2 policemen dead. Dear God, I hope you will continue to protect the good people and destroy the bad ones.

Anyway, I would like to address on some issues that are not related to politics.

I have been reading a book on Greek mythologies, and I find it extremely entertaining to a point, yet sometimes, I pushed myself to read through all those detailed stuff….it can get boring at times. I really appreciate the stories written there, especially on the imperfections of Gods, and best of all on the homosexual topics and themes that are CLEARLY seen there.

For instance, less did I know that the star Gemini are actually brothers, Castor and Pollux, who shared an immortal life together in the stars, because the mortal Castor was killed, and his immortal brother, Pollux, who loved him so dearly, begged Zeus to share life with him. That sounds more than a brotherly love to me, and it is like incest-boys-love myth there. Incest is quite too much in reality, but it is okay if it is in books, myths, and stuff. Homosexuality in fiction and in reality is what I love most. I am not yet a homosexual, but I can admit I am attracted to homosexuals. That makes me a pansexual.

Hercules, the super hero of Greek myth, is actually bisexual. He had loads of women in his life, yet, he is attracted to young boys too. Like that Hylas boy who was his arm-bearer, was drowned by the nymphs that that drove Hercules crazy. Wow. A friend who is killed in a battlefield would only swore for revenge, but to the level which TURNED him mad, that has to be more than a friend relationship, or more than a master-servant relationship. My theory must not be justified, but since I am a big supporter of homo-relationship, I say, that’s just slash for me. Oh God. I love Hercules and Hylas love relationship.

There are a few others in those mythologies which could be slashable, like Archilles who I bet, is also a bisexual. He had women, and also the best friend of his who was killed by Hector. That’s pretty obvious, don;t you agree?

Anyway, the reason I am reading myths is that I will be tutoring students on myths, so I got to read them. But what is most interesting, is that I am going to teach the student on……the BIBLE! wheeeeee!!!

I skipped bible lessons all the time, and I will now be the one who has to teach the student bible!
I am not even sure why that is in the requirements for students. But yeah, I need to tell the students that the old testaments are not exactly proven scientifically, but yeah, God’s teachings are worth following.

Would it be a sin if I found out that some parts in the bible, I could see a homo-sexual concept too?

Forgive me God. I am a homosexual lover and I fell in love with several homosexuals without being a homosexual. How is it that I can love a homosexual by not being a homosexual? I am  confusing myself now. Just that, I am writing a gay novel! I won’t see it is TOTALLY GAY, I will say it is the Boys-Love. The Japanese term for it will be Shounen-Ai or YAOI. Well, I don;t want it to be called, “GAY” but i would prefer the Japanese terms because it makes me feel more comfortable with it!


Well, I’ll write more!


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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