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Lately, I have been earning loads of money! BUT i don’t have a chance to use them…..AT ALL!
I have decided that I am not going to buy my Japanese N3 book since I have a month to take the exam, and yet, my whole 2 months has been wasted due to the political problems in Thailand. I have not even been in the heart of the city for ages! Sounds like an inaka, but apparently, I am just living in the outskirts, perfectly safe, and….without shopping and books! Oh Kinokuniya! I missed you so!

I don’t want to give anymore comments on politics, as the reds are just being more barbaric, the govt has been accused of being both “weak” and “murderer” and I was so frustrated over every single thing. I feel that I am having a menopause when I am just 23 years, and no. Not PMS. Feels more like menopause.

But today! I can feel my passion in writing rising up, and my muses have been provoking me to write more forbidden love to express my inner “fujoshi”. Oh God. I am so much in love with 2D boys. Lately, I had a crush on Gilbert Nightray, who is just so charming with his cool, quiet self, and he is a more like a “seme” that isn’t selfish at all.  I noticed that a majority of seme are pretty….selfish, but Gilbert makes a perfect character.

I think I have isolated myself from the larger part of the society. First of all, I feel uncomfortable with large crowds, and I feel really frustrated when someone comes and talk to me so casually. There was one incident when I met this tourist who asked me the way in English. It is obvious, my English is nearly, almost native, I spoke with my American accent, and that tourist suddenly want my number! It took like 5 mins to chase him away! I don’t want to mingle with strangers especially men! God. You have given me such a hideous face but why is that someone needs to invade my privacy when I showed him the way. People are just too scary. Just don’t go asking for my number when you have just met me like within 5 seconds. DEAD SCARY.

Secondly, I think Bangkok is dead crowded. Whereever i go, there MUST be someone I know. Of course, the big, famous shopping centers were closed due to the terrorists, and don’t want to go out of my cocoon. Cause there will be people I don’t want to meet! I might sound anti-social, but I just hate to tell old classmates about myself. It’s boring. Just ignore me please. Especially one of those who I haven’t avenged on thee, I don’t want to come across you in my life, ever again.

Okay, that will be my rant for the week. I will be planning on my next (second) cosplay costume, sounds like I finally have some motivation, and someone to go with! yay!
Anyway, it’s another week, I’ll just keep earning. My cashbox is about to explode. I need to use them!


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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