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Trapped in a pool of ideas.

Lately, inspirations have been flowing so much, ideas have been around, worlds and characters are all over me, but I can’t seem to concentrate, sit down and write properly. I am trapped within what I want to write. Okay sure, I have like, 3 stories that I am currently writing, but I just don’t know … Continue reading

(Writing Collections) Existence of the light and shadow

(This is my third post of experimental writing. I am still finding a style that I am best at, and continue to improve on it. I still don’t know what is best for me…) He was smiling back to me. He was always holding his hand out to me, and  if only I reached my … Continue reading

(Writing Collections) Crimson

(This is another experimental writing . Once again, the narrator isn’t me. I just like to write in a first person point of view because I like to step on other ppl’s shoes) It was crimson. No matter how much I tried to wash it away, it remained the same way it always did. Crimson. … Continue reading

(Writing Collections) It couldn’t be alive

(Note that this is not my ordinary rant. It is an experimental writing I am doing. And the narrator is not Eva.) Once again, I witnessed it with my own eyes. I was not on drugs, I didn’t intake any alcoholic drinks that moment. The smile was alive. The eyes were alive. I am not … Continue reading

Nakanishi Rina~An idol of a popular girlband to an ____ star

Stars and idols can shoot up to the sky fast and they can fall down real fast. I was blogging about poor girl from the AKB48 whose stardom kinda fade away after her leaked photos. And this is another breaking news from some ex-idol who was once in that group, before she graduated from it … Continue reading

The Eccentric “No-Boyfriend/Girlfriend-Rule” of Japanese Idols.

One thing that I find most eccentric about the Japanese idol industry is that the rule which idols, both men and women, boys and girls, are NOT allowed to have boyfriends or girlfriends. It is very different from the American or the other pasts of Asian entertainment circle in particular, especially in Thailand, when it … Continue reading

The Green Hornet 2011…Jay Chou’s Hollywood debut

I am just so excited for this! Congratulations to Jay Chou and his worldwide (Hollywood) debut! I have always been watching his fame rising each year and this is his peak and he will even go up higher! I love Jay Chou!

To clean up another’s mess is just foolish.

The world is unjust, and the crap about being human is just foolish. Humanity, those kinds of feelings you need to have if you are human. I just can;t stand that sometimes. I would still have my humanity if people don;t do things to let me throw away mine. So what do I say about … Continue reading

もしスーパーマン は空に飛べたら….

I have been really into Jay Chou’s song called “If Superman can fly”. It has an amazing set of lyrics, which literally translates into If Superman can fly then let me take a break in the sky, So I could overlook this world again and it may make me feel better Saving the world is … Continue reading


もっとも、これは自分の英語の歌を書いたが、もし日本語に翻訳したら、どうなるんだがと思う。 それで、時間があるうちでこの好きな歌を日本語に翻訳したい。 愛って言葉 愛なんて信じられたくない 愛のことは童話であるだけ 恋仲で痛みがあるのに どうして人たちはまだ恋したい この答えをどうしても探せない しかし、あの日から 君と出会って、答えを探せるかな 胸の奥どうなってきたの 暖かくて、ドキドキして 騒ぎ出した この気持ちよく分からない 君だけ出会ったから 愛って言葉信じていたい