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Sign the Contract and be powerful Part 1

Imagine that one day, you suddenly encountered a traumatic event in life. Whether it is a near to death experience, a day when you think nothing could have been better, or a day which you think that you are going to take a revenge on the person you hold a grudge on. Just any of those days, a devil, a demon, or a post-human or any creature that has powers greater than a normal human being, approaches you and gave you a contract. If you sign a contract, you will be powerful, get back at all those who done harm to you, etc.

Here I will introduce you the “Sign the contract and be powerful” anime(s)!!!

1) Pandora Hearts

This anime is basically about a 15-year old boy, Oz Bezarius who fell into a Abyss on his Coming of Age Ceremony, and in order to escape from the terrifying abyss, he had to sign a contract with Alice, a Chain to escape. The adventure began when he reunites with his childhood friend aka servant, and two of the other characters. However, he was in the abyss for a day, but it is a total of 10 years in the human world. And that is why I didn’t get to see him in his adult form. He would have been very very pretty. Just like his childhood friend, Gilbert. This anime has light hints of BL, which I am started to go “kyaaa” whenever I see Gilbert and Oz together.

Sign the Contract: NO!

I would say I would rather not sign a contract with a Chain like Alice. She is just annoying, narcissistic, and selfish. Moreover, why does she have to be the one who always fight with Gilbert over Oz? God. She is not a fujoshi at all!

2) Kuroshitsuji Season 1

The very next anime I will introduce is “Kuroshitsuji”. This is the very first season with Ciel Phantomhive and his butler, who is actually a demon. Ciel signed a contract with him when he was brought to the underworld, and he wanted to live again because he wanted to find the person who killed his parents, burned his house and stuff. So he always say, “It’s an order!” 命令だ!” and the butler would ONLY help him when he say those magic words. That is pretty. I really like this pairing and I would love it even more if I knew what happened in the end clearly. *loves*

Sign the Contract: YES!

I want a butler like him, so I would sign a contract and get back at……who the hell should I get back at? I just want to be a lady, お嬢様…but if I had to choose, I would have —-, let him stay with me forever! My life will be perfect!

3) Death Note

I don’t have to write a review about this. Those who don’t know it could just…..google it.
I honestly love the storyline, the idea, because I think that I would be just like Kira if I had a chance to touch the deathnote.

Sign the Contract: YES!

Because I think the society is so corrupted that I would have prefer to clean it. Especially to eliminate corrupted politicians. I am gonna be the second Misa Misa!

4) Jigoku Shojo

Basically, there is this website which allows you to take revenge on the people you hate. You need to sign a contract with them, and then there would be a sign on your chest…(almost like Pandora’s). I have not watched this anime thoroughly, but I would say it is quite interesting!!!

Sign the Contract: No.

Because one revenge on one person isn’t enough. Death Note would be more fun!

Actually, I do have others but u I am too lazy to write it now!

Be back.


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