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Psychological Complexes and Anime Characters who have them.

I have always loved all my psychology classes but I did not choose to be a psychologist. That’s because I, myself, is partly psychotic and it is really scary if someone with psychological problems wants to talk with a psychotic psychologist. Anyway, today, I will introduce you to my latest topic called, ” The Complexes”

Complex is a term coined by Carl Jung which is a “group of mental factors that are unconsciously associated by the individual with a particular subject or connected by a recognizable theme[1] and influence the individual’s attitude and behavior.” (wikipedia)

Since there are so many complexes and some many others I couldn’t find of, I will only list the few complexes I have listed.

1) Cain Complex.

This complex refers to the destructive sibling rivalry in which a brother (or a sibling) will feel hatred and jealous of another brother. This is a complex that I guess Ichiru from Vampire Knights has. Ichiru and Zero (who are twins) are very close to one another, but then when Ichiru overheard that their parents preferred Zero over him, he was jealous of his own brother and turn against him.I was thinking that perhaps Sasuke from Naruto is one of those people too. He hates his brother alot, right? But I don’t see it both characters that way. I am a fujoshi.

2) Diana Complex

Diana is the name of a Greek Goddess, She is also known as Artemis, and she is one of the Virgin Goddess who has masculine traits in her, and I respect her a lot too. Just like her name, Diana Complex is the name of the masculine traits and behaviour traits in a female. If I were to think who has that trait I would likely say the sexy Kan -U from Ikkitousen. Ooops. I watch that anime because I was interested in the Three Kingdom not the ecchi-ness of the anime. Well, I am not a tom-boy. I do not like naked women. So yeah. She is closest to the Diana complex I could think of.

3) Oepidus/ Electra Complex

Oepidus complex is the complex which refers to the son’s sexual attachment to the mother, while Electra is the daughter’s sexual attachment to the father. Well then, both of them are characters from the Greek Myth too. I can’t think of any normal anime with people like that. Hentai is not my cup of tea, so I would not have known which series consist of them. Hmm..Well… there has to be a few, I guess.

4) Superiority Complex

Superiority Complex is something that you have heard most of the time. Superiority complexes refers to one who finds themselves above others, and I guess the person who has a high superiority complex goes to….Sasuke again! hohoh. I used to love his coolness and lately, he is too cold so I guess he is just good being a 2D. If he become a real character, I would have eliminate him with my eraser. Anyway, there are LOADS of people who had that complex. Kamui from CLAMP is close to that superiority complex when he first came back to Tokyo. That attitude. Superior. Another character I cannot miss is Light from Death Note. All of them think that they have godly powers and they are above others.

5) Inferiority Complex

The next complex is the Inferiority Complex which is a total opposite of it. Sunako from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge has that kind of inferiority complex, whereas Mello has an inferiority complex too. He may be really smart but I could still see that when he is put next to Near, it shows.

6) Lolita Complex

This complex refers to the mature men who are fond of young, young girls. You can see that in loads of harem/ ecchi anime which I don’t want to talk about. That’s because I am not interested.

7) Shota Complex

I have never seen any anime (at least the mainstream ones) with a mature woman plus a young  boy. but I have only seen the mature men with the schoolboy which I prefer it that way. I just feel that any kind of straight romance makes me sick. That might be another complex! Anyway, there are loads of shotacon anime, such as Kuroshitsuji, Gakuen Heaven, Okane ga nai, Junjou Romantica, etc, I could go on forever and ever.

8) Mother Complex

I think this comes in several ways. There might be a son who is so attached with the mother that he needs to find a woman who resembles his mother, or would he be too scared to get in a relationship because he wants to only stay with his mother (pure thought), I don;t know.

9) Brother complex

This can happen to both boys and girls, just like a girl who loves her brother and finds a boyfriend like her brother, or a brother who loves his brother and find a boyfriend like his brother. Wait. Not. I mean love his brother and is very very attached to him. Just like Vincent from Pandora Hearts who is totally attached to his brother Gilbert. That brother complex is…is just like the sister complex which I don’t want to blog about.

10) The Eva complex.

This is the complex I made up. My very own complex. First, this complex cannot stand close to ikemen, or pretty boys within a 2 meters distance. 3D boys are less attractive then 2d boys who are behind the computer screen or TV screen. Secondly, this complex finds boy-girl relationship in anime disgusting and uncomfortable while I find boy-boy relationships sexy and very romantic. I do not support boy-girl relationship that much. This complex also hates crowds. This complex hates to mingle with wasted people, or even want to be in the same world with betrayers and men who think that they are superior to women.

This is the EVA complex I made.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


2 thoughts on “Psychological Complexes and Anime Characters who have them.

  1. how about making an Adam complex?

    Posted by Laurenz Marvin Rosales | February 5, 2012, 6:45 am
  2. Lol I have the Evs complex xD i match the definiion

    Posted by Jessi | June 19, 2012, 11:55 pm

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