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もしスーパーマン は空に飛べたら….

I have been really into Jay Chou’s song called “If Superman can fly”.

It has an amazing set of lyrics, which literally translates into

If Superman can fly then let me take a break in the sky,
So I could overlook this world again and it may make me feel better
Saving the world is tiring, though I am a little exhausted, I’ll still do it.
Don’t ask me if I have ever cried
Because Superman can’t shed a tear.

Hence I am so into japanese, I want to translate this into Japanese. A sucky, beginner Japanese.

もしスーパーマン は空に飛べたら、少しだけ空でちょっと休ませたい
もう一度この世界にを見過ごして、それは気 分が良くなるかな
世界を守れは疲 れるが、少し疲れても、私はまだ続ける。
スーパーマン が涙流してはいけない

I really love this song. I just love Jay Chou, and I understand how much he has to keep up those appearances even though he wants to be himself, he needs to think of others and how people view him. That kind of life is difficult and I just guess this is the price he has to pay for being a public image…. kanaa….

But I will still support Jay Chou. I have been liking him since I was 16, and it has been like almost eight years since he came into my love-list!

Tegoshi still has to keep up! I am into him when I was 19. That isn’t too bad. So Tesshi, Love ya.


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Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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