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The Eccentric “No-Boyfriend/Girlfriend-Rule” of Japanese Idols.

One thing that I find most eccentric about the Japanese idol industry is that the rule which idols, both men and women, boys and girls, are NOT allowed to have boyfriends or girlfriends. It is very different from the American or the other pasts of Asian entertainment circle in particular, especially in Thailand, when it is no big deal if the most famous male idol has rumours with the most explicit-looking lady or even a old, filthy rich man who eats young boys.

I don’t even know who this idol from AK848 is, and I only know that her name is Atsuki Ishiguro who is only 16 this year, and that there were leaked purikura pics of her and her boyfriend the week before she kinda lost her stardom career. I just don’t know why it is such a big deal in the Japanese idol circle that idols have to be like a clone of an angel or a God, instead of a human with outstanding looks and talents.

Well JE boys have been through it too. But lately, I have seen lesser pressure on those idols, and the rumoured relationship btw Pi-chan and Keiko-chan was not that scandalous compared to the relationship Pi-chan was rumoured in with that gravure girl..Aibu I guess? Koki didn’t get into trouble when AV queen Maria Ozawa had said that they were like happy together, nor did Tegoshi got into trouble when he was said to be hanging out with some American lucky girl. Okay, hope the management remains neutral over those relationships. Boys need it too.

But for the girls, especially underage girls with boyfriends..I don’t think it is such a scandal. It’s only a sticker picture. But still, it does not fail to make me wonder why the idols are under this rule.

If you have any thoughts on this, please enlighten me. I really don’t understand why it is such a serious scandal over in Japan.


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4 thoughts on “The Eccentric “No-Boyfriend/Girlfriend-Rule” of Japanese Idols.

  1. Because these idols are meant for people to jack off to, of course! People like otaku or perverts =P If people found out they had a bf/gf, they would get turned off because jacking off to those idols would be akward, knowing that they have a relationship.
    At least thats what I think

    Posted by Roberta | October 17, 2010, 6:12 am
  2. I’m not Japanese, but I would guess people like to dream about having an idol as a girlfriend/boyfriend themselves. If they are not available, that dream (for most people) would be lost.

    Pure speculation from my point, but I get the idea that in the current Japanese society people are less content with/accepting of reality than elsewhere.

    Watching fantastic animations, taking loads off pictures on holidays, feeling pressured for performance with work. There seems to be a need to fantasize about being somewhere else, with someone else, doing something else.

    In the crowded cities, comfort that once might have come from spirituality has been lost, so people turn to dreams.

    No idea why it should turn into scandals, but could explain managers that want more than just their talents to improve sales. Also, related to this, forbidden fruit is so much sweeter…

    Posted by Degine | October 27, 2010, 7:37 pm
  3. They can’t have boyfriends because they have to be an exemple for young people, an exemple of pure and innocent mind. They live for their passion, and as Reina Tanaka said, their boyfriend are the fans 🙂
    They are in a long relationship with their fans.

    Posted by Nina | September 2, 2012, 7:50 pm


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