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Passed the teaching demo~

I passed the screening for the IELTS teaching demo of KAPLAN, Sure, there are still loads of things I need to improve and I am so glad that the comments will make me improve my future teaching!!!! But now, I need to choose between what I want to teach! I like writing, so maybe I … Continue reading

Passing the written test and getting into the interview stage of Monbusho for the second year.

Woah. What a title for a blog. So long. Too long. Yeaa…..After I failed the previous year’s interview stage, I took up courage and once again, I passed the so easy English exam and managed to get into the interview stage. And so, I passed it even though I thought i MIGHT NOT get it. … Continue reading

風前の灯火 (ふうぜんのともしび)A Candle before the Wind.

Once again, back to my philosophical, boring insights of life! 風前の灯火 (ふうぜんのともしび)A Candle before the Wind. This is the proverb I will talk about today. This proverb is a bit difficult to understand, but what it means is that “The candle in the wind can be blown away anytime.” The candle or the flame of the … Continue reading

~~The 2D Complex~~

I have come across loads of people with this kind of complex, and that I am one of them too. You have probably heard of the man who marries this 2D anime/game character officially. You may think that its weird. Well, of course, it is weird! But then if you turn to chessboard around and … Continue reading

(Writing Collections) Unnatural

This here is my attempt on writing romance. However, the “I” isn’t me again, and the character isn’t a girl. The dark clouds in the sky have increased the darkness in my soul. As the first drop of rain falls onto my hands, tears start to rush out from my eyes. What sorrow has overcome … Continue reading

If my school were infested with zombies…

I am so inspired to think what would happen if suddenly my high school were infested with zombies. Notice the language and grammar I am using. I have graduated from my Master degree for almost 2 years. And its not possible to go back to High school so obviously, I am just day-dreaming. And its … Continue reading

泣いて暮らすも一生笑って暮らすも一生 Through life, you can either cry or laugh.

Today, I am back with another proverb. 泣 いて暮らすも一生笑って暮らすも一生 Through life, you can either cry or laugh. Have you been through those? Of course, you have laughed, and you too, have tasted your own tears. There are moments which made you laughed, and whenever you think back to those memories, it will put a smile … Continue reading

来年のことを言えば鬼が笑う (Speak of tomorrow (next year) and the devil will laugh).

One thing I love so much about the Japanese, is that they have loads of great ideas and ideas that has connection to the life I am living in. Of course, there is loads of good proverbs from China, Thailand, (where I suppose to link myself more than Japan) or even complicated Western proverbs which … Continue reading


I thought if I tweet his name, someone would imagined me, dating him. So, yeah, I tweeted, but nothing happened. AND I put his name on the facebook status, nothing happened to. So why not put his name on my journal? Would that mean something more? Well, this is silly. Kojima Haruna tweeted his name … Continue reading

Worth of an existence

I have always wondered when I will cease to exist in this world. I haven’t yet proven my existence, or what is worth of my existence, and I wonder if I could make the best out of the life that has been given to me. There are novels I wanted to write, songs I wanted … Continue reading