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~~The 2D Complex~~

I have come across loads of people with this kind of complex, and that I am one of them too.
You have probably heard of the man who marries this 2D anime/game character officially.
You may think that its weird. Well, of course, it is weird! But then if you turn to chessboard around and look at it from their point of view, I think probably, you would understand why.

That’s because HUMANS are so damn IMPERFECT and does NOT live up to your expectations.

I got a confession to make. The first time I fell in love was with a 2d character. Nice to meet you again, Chiba Mamoru, the Tuxedo Mask from Sailormoon. I was really so into you and hoped that in the near future, probably in High school or university, I would meet someone as heroic, as cool, as bishounen as you were.

Shoot me and wake me up from my dreams.

Life wasn’t perfect.

So why am i blogging about this complex? I think loads of boys (otaku) and girls (otome/fujoshi) are having that complex on having fantasies and crushing on 2d characters, and actually hoping some human like them exists.

Well they don’t. I know that myself.

Because they don’t exist, just keep living in your fantasies. As long as you are with a human, you will always think that they fail to meet up your expectations.Hard, cold facts, but if you accept human’s imperfection, then good luck to you in your human relationships. I am now, as of the date I write this, still in my 2d world. I do not want to get involve with  3d boys. I am both misoandrist and have a bit of an androphobia.

So, boys,
There will be hardly a girl who will be so into you, in regardless of how you look. You may be handsome, but it is not that your girl got to be super hot and is all crazy over you. She might be manipulative, and let you do things that you don;t want to do. She loves you, of course, but you can;t stop her from her shopping craze, gossip and girls’ night out, cause girls today, hardly want to stay at home to do housework and wait until you get home, then serve you happiness, never nags and never complains about your imperfection. Get a 2d girl, create her personality, and then marry her. That’s your perfect girl.

and girls, me included,

there will NEVER EVER be a boy as perfect as the anime boy next door, or the heroic boy who save you from zombies, shinigamis and whatever. There will never be a Chiba Mamoru to throw roses to save you and swore that he will marry you without cheating on you, there will never be a Tamaki-senpai who is darn rich and makes you feel like you are a princess, nor there will be a Sebastian who serve you and does every single thing for you, plus he looks so darn sexy and how you wish you can just get him to eat you up. And sadly, there ain’t the hot anime boys with sexy abs, sexy low voice, or treats you like a princess even if he acts cold and savage over you~~>..

God. My ramblings made English looks bad. But then I can’t stop ranting over these…….. HUMANS.

So What I want to imply is that, if you want a happy life, do not have expectations over your bf/gf because they aren’t from the anime you watch. I would prefer to forever have crushes on 2d men, rather than real men (except idols who aren;t really real…… they still acts their roles as an idol) because I know that my life isn’t a fairytale. Either I get a no so good looking dude, who has a great personality, or a good looking dude with a shitty one, choose anime guys, and you will have both. a good looking anime guy with a good personality. Just like a good sweet anime girl with big boobs and mini skirt plus cute panties, plus she is so into you and makes you want to forever be with her.

So in the end, the 2d complex isn;t that dangerous. It avoids overpopulation of the world.
Still, Sebastian is still one of my ideal men. Listen to my orders, Serve me, Make me happy, and punish me.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


2 thoughts on “~~The 2D Complex~~

  1. What a sexually explicit erotica topic you’ve chosen for this post!
    I especially like the “Just like a good sweet anime girl with big boobs and mini skirt plus cute panties”
    .. However, I do have a different opinion.
    I prefer them without the panties, cute or otherwise.
    But really.. I know what you mean about the imperfect thing. It’s something that if you can’t live with, you’d have a heck of a time keeping a relationship at all. But the way I look at it, which is quite heavily influenced by my girlfriend’s view: “you shouldn’t try to find the perfect girl, because you’ll always find a mate that is better in some respect than the one you presently have, and your preferences for specific qualities in your mates will change throughout life. Instead you should find somebody that fits with you, imperfections altogether.” I have to admit it wasn’t the first time I heard this kind of thing, but it certainly was the first time I realized the truth in that.

    Humans aren’t perfect, therefore neither is life.
    Perfection isn’t something to look for, but compatibility is.
    I guess… in RL, u jus hafta bring the bar down a bit.

    Posted by Note | July 18, 2010, 6:37 am
    • Me loves your (and BiBi’s influence) comment!!!!
      Heheeh Actually I do like making explicit blogs.
      (I like watching and reading that kind of anime and manga that involve two boys who are in love with one another. R18+)

      Yeah its true. Imperfection makes us human. Eva-chan does not want to find that other half of hers.
      Honestly, I am far too scared to be in a relationship. I don’t want to lose my individuality, and I am so scared of involving myself in relationship. Well, only one small experience could really scar a person for life, I guess.
      But yeah. Happily living in my BL world. (Boys Love world) hoho

      I really have androphobia when it comes to relationships.
      Google “Androphobia”.

      Posted by angelofdevotion | July 18, 2010, 7:38 pm

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