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A small confession I had to make.

I am not exactly straight, and not a lesbian. I like men with feminine qualities, and i don’t care if he is gay. I don’t exactly like men. Or at least I love boys who are out of reach like….2D or an idol I will never marry anyway. Oh dear God, make me a 2D … Continue reading

Sir Victor goes to ICU.

Before I proceed any further, my laptop’s name is Victor. Because I want him to never leave me, so I want to link his name with something that sounds heroic and victorious. There you go, Victor. I notice that Victor is getting sick these days, so I decided to defrag him. However, I don’t know … Continue reading


どうして私の責任はそんなに多いなの? 嫌のはいつも家族と親戚団欒の時、私の家族だけ、いつ手伝って、他の人何もできずに、食べるだけ! ちょっとだけで手伝ってもいいわよ! そんな主婦みたいなことが一番嫌いだって、私はお嬢様だよ。手伝いさんもいるし、わたしはそんなことをしたくない、でも、しなければなりない。 面倒い!!!

To write or not to write

my novel in a present tense? Well, most of the time, the novelist will write it in a past tense and it is rather rare to see a novel written in a present tense. And I am hesitating if I should write it in a present tense. I write writing experiments and I usually put … Continue reading

The thing I am missing most.

I miss libraries. I have my own mini library and its not enough. (will upload pics to let you see) I want to marry an guy/girl/gay/lesbian/transexual/bisexual/pansexual/ghost/2d boys/zombie/alien or anything who can give me a library of like thousands of books. I won’t read them all in this life time…. but just the thought of having … Continue reading

Mabushii Japan!!! Eva’s latest blog.

This is my latest blog which accounts on Japanese contemporary society + history too, and loads of other stuff… It might also account on things outside Japan, but 89% of it will be based on Japan. http://mabushiijapan.wordpress.com/

And once again, I failed the Monbusho interview for the 2nd year.

And I guess I really quit. First of all, my proposal is not much of an interest, not so much of an academic study, and okay~ whatever, I managed to recite some theories this time, but yet my proposal wasn’t clear for them. So…..whatever, I am going to start to do my own research work … Continue reading

And so…..

After I know that I have failed miserably again, just by intuition, I came back home to do things I love. (i am a psychotic person who daydreams, so you don’t have to understand what is going on. I am just writing from a 2d point of view.) After Sebastian had served me with such … Continue reading