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Honestly, Am I a Tsundere?

イヴァさんのツンデレ度は、58度です。 ランク: B (A~E) 偏差値: 47.8 順位: 533,161位 (941,074人中) 統計を見る 得点分布 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 (点) 総評 ツンデレ星の近所から来た人ですね! 「嫌い…!!!嫌い!あっ…やっぱ大好きっ」とツンデレ発言を口にしたことがあるのでは? イヴァさんは、どんな人? よく笑う人  Yeah. I laugh alot. Advertisements

How much of a “Yandere” am I?

Just took a test. Yandere refers to a person (usu. female) with an unhealthy romantic obsession (has a connotation of mental unstability). (from denshi jisho)  Personally, I am not that scary. I am just a fangirl who doesn’t stalk. But being so curious, I took a test which is in Japanese. This is my score. … Continue reading


Well…. Even though he seems to be so darn cute with red eyes and black nails, including the dark, blackish outwear he wore, i JUST FEEL THAT THAT ISN’T MY SELFISH CIEL PHANTHOMHIVE! Guess that he is going to be much more evil than Sebastian. I just know it. The lesson of this story is to … Continue reading

A different forking path.

If I had chosen a different forking path to walk on, my life would have a different outcome by now. Only if we were able to look into the future, we would be able to select the right people in our lives. Honestly, I guess somehow, we aren’t entirely in control of our destiny. Others … Continue reading

Back to the real, boring life.

Oh, I am finally back to Thailand…….with a rather boring life. Actually, Singapore is boring without the food and friends too….. I find shopping in Thailand more ……productive, which means I rather buy more than I was in Singapore, but I can;t stop eating at all!! I just love to eat. Seems like I am … Continue reading

No Longer Human

I haven’t updated my blog with serious issues these days. Nor have I done what I promised about writing the Mabushii Japan’s articles. I am just quite lazy and quite busy being in the real world I find really troublesome. In this post, I want to talk about what it is to be human. Usually, … Continue reading


どんな君も 何年に経っても 心に君はまだいる。 私の気持ち伝えるのか、それは大切じゃない。。 君の笑顔が見えるだけで、それだけで。。。それだけがいい。 (好きな人がいるかどうか、自分もわかんない!書きたいから。。書いた。 好きな人というと。。。。高校のときだよ!ずっと前。その気持ちは久しぶりだよね。。懐かしいな。。。。青春なんて)