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その通りです。最近はそんなにつまらなくて、私はいろいろなことができたいと思う。 今日はイヴァ子ちゃんの新しい趣味は。。。。食べ物をつることだ! 「えええ。。。イヴァお嬢様は台所に入れるの?びっくり!」と考える人もいるかな。。。 お嬢様なのに、簡単な食べ物作れるよ!(笑)                     Fried Noodles with Abalone.   Instant Ramen with seasoned eggs, veggies and chicken plus shoyu             Oyakodon!             Chawanmushi! ^自信があるイヴァお嬢様は「美味しいよ。。。。。。」と言う。 Advertisements


今日もつまらない一日。そして、私は自分の写真を取った。私はこの髪のスタルがすき!!!! ちょっと太いわね。。。あたしは。 しかし、昨日はいい夢を見た!あの人出会った!(誰って?) あの人の名前がわかんない。夢の人だけで、もしかして、彼は私の運命の人かな??? 私はいつもツンデレ見たいな人だけど、本当はもし好きな人がいれば、月でも、星でも、あの人のために進む。 あの頃もすることがあったよね。。。ずっと昔の頃。 でも、もし私は高校生の頃に戻れたら、いいと思う。とても楽がいい頃だよね。

(Photo Manipulation) もしも俺様は忍者になったら。。。(If I were a ninja…)

Well… I am just so bored with the life. How great it would be if I were to be a lady of leisure during Jane Austen’s time, or just a lady during the Victorian Era. Or not. Just take me back to Edo Japan. Then I’ll be a ninja. それで、俺様は忍者の写真を取った。 Done some photo manipulation. (Yes. … Continue reading

If you don’t have that experience…..you will never understand.

You may come across rare children on TV shows. Either they have the sixth finger, or the sixth sense, or having two different coloured eyes, or even grow hair all over their faces….. you could only sympathize with them. You won;t understand the pain. If you don’t have that experience…..you will never understand. You can … Continue reading

(Poem) A Writer’s “Endless” Block

I don’t have much to say…. I have no more words left  to speak, I can’t express myself in any way. Have I fallen from the highest peak, And lost my will to fight? Oh, where are the ambitions I held in between my hands? Did I lose them on way to the light? How … Continue reading

(Preview) The Red Thread of Destiny: Thread of Purity

Finally. I am down with my Yoshiwara drawings. This is just a preview. (My first background drawing. That kinda sucks. I actually use photoshop and filter it with some ink took, and use the lens flare to replace the dull moon. The people behind the bars are yeah. Those oirans and geishas. Men….in black without … Continue reading

And I am still alive

Everytime I wanna write in this blog, something happens. Like sucky internet, wordpress login problems, slow internet, router problems. God. Life sucks. So after that long hours of router problems and internet speed problems. I have something to update. All those time, I have been… singing, eating, sleeping, watching anime, reading Yaoi mangas, writing lesson … Continue reading