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And I am still alive

Everytime I wanna write in this blog, something happens. Like sucky internet, wordpress login problems, slow internet, router problems. God. Life sucks.

So after that long hours of router problems and internet speed problems. I have something to update.

All those time, I have been… singing, eating, sleeping, watching anime, reading Yaoi mangas, writing lesson plans, drawing. Yes. DRAWING.

Here’s my most recent drawing.
But You know I like Boys Love so obviously, I draw pretty boys together…..And yeah That’s 2 boys. No boobs.

My digital colouring sucks. I’ll leave it that way.

And I never was able to draw hands. I had to take pics of my hands, and… drew it, but it failed.

I am never a good artist. I just draw for the sake of liking to draw.

Oh. I forgot to introduce. This two characters are from my original fic called “Akai Ito” or “Red Thread of Destiny”
The series is divided into three parts, during the Early Meiji, WW2, and the present age.

This is obviously from the Meiji Era. Characters are named Mineji and Ichitaro.
Mineji is a second son of a clan leader, who took a young boy (who saved him from being killed), Ichitaro, to be his personal manservant. Ichitaro is actually an onnagata (go google it)   in the Kabuki House, however, on the night where Ichitaro was about to become a kagema (go google it). Mineji came to arrest a man who was suspected to be a serial killer. So that’s how it all begins. I know. Really cliche.

That’s how BL novels really is. Cliche, No plot, No climax, and doesn;t make sense. The most important thing is HOW i describe it. I’ll tell you. You will never imagine this girl here who is such pure and innocent can manage to write something that explicit. Well…. You see.. I express it in other ways. I don;t really have to experience it. I use my imagination.

Well then, I’ll probably draw more. Draw loads more.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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