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The Chains of social expectations

As we get older, our individualities are forced to alter, thanks to social expectations. I truly understood now what people meant by saying that adulthood changes you, keep you in the chains of social expectations, and then you are forced to go with the collective instead of the person you truly are. I do not … Continue reading

鰯(いわし)の頭(かしら)も信心から ”Belief will give power to a sardine’s head”

鰯(いわし)の頭(かしら)も信心から ”Belief will give power to a sardine’s head” is the Japanese proverb of the day. What this proverb really means is that belief has the power to make something completely normal (and unimportant) into an object with power or make it into a revered item. You may have encountered with such situations if you are … Continue reading

7 hours under the hot sun is such an easy task. I have done it for Yamapi.

It took a while for me to write this, since I went on for an English camp and that I was secluded from the online world. The camp was awesome, I enjoyed myself a lot. Anyway, back to Yamapi. I was under the hot sun for seven freaking hours, without food or toilet, but at … Continue reading

Emotional Roller Coaster

Emotions can actually drive you insane. Look at several of those artists or poets that have gone insane, for whatever reasons, they differ from one another, and I guess perhaps I might be a victim soon. Just that I am not as talented as them, when I would say, I was inspired before this major … Continue reading

Happy New Year 2011

Woah. I have not been writing here at all. It is not that I lost my interest in writing, it is just that I do not have the mood to write it. In order to write something, what i need is sanity. I wasn’t sane the last few weeks of 2010. I have my moments. … Continue reading