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鰯(いわし)の頭(かしら)も信心から ”Belief will give power to a sardine’s head”

鰯(いわし)の頭(かしら)も信心から ”Belief will give power to a sardine’s head” is the Japanese proverb of the day.

What this proverb really means is that belief has the power to make something completely normal (and unimportant) into an object with power or make it into a revered item. You may have encountered with such situations if you are in a country or a region which holds strong beliefs of the paranormal/supernatural.

In other words, when some believe in a certain object can grant them wishes or give them luck for lottery, others will follow their path to enlightenment and this will then lead to (what I called) a religious cult. If you walk along the roads of Thailand, it is not a awkward or abnormal to see people worshiping trees, stones with strange shapes or even really strange-looking objects which you might never pay attention to or let’s say, something you don’t care whether it exists or not.

A few years ago, people started to worship this strange gel-like object, thinking it is some kind of alien-object from outer space. Educated enough, the people who found it cooked it, eat it, worship it, and such strange things like praying for luck and fortune. What it turned out to be, was it was just a coolfever band that had been soaked with water. How proud am I to see so many rational people around me, thinking it is the next gift from God.

Certainly, people have the freedom to believe in whatever thing they want. They can believe that there are only one God, or several God, are even no God, but a devil, I just don’t really care because it does not interfere with my goals. What disturbed me most is that I pity ones who are accused and made into scapegoats. I dislike it when people say, “The devil made me do it”. We have a personal choice to make. We can choose to do it or not, so there is no such thing as that silly phrase up there. I am not a Satanist, but I just pity that poor guy who everyone just blames him with everything that had gone wrong in his or her life. When their sons take drugs, they blamed it on him. When their daughters sell themselves, people blame on him. Blame it on them, those who have done it instead of those who you can;t see and made him into a scapegoat to make yourself feel better. When things gone bad, I blame it on myself and my destiny. Destiny is not from Satan, nor from God, It is the inevitable that we CANNOT escape from. But really, back to this proverb of the day, the sardine’s head will just be food or trash, unless someone starts to worship it. Strange isn’t it, the human world? We need some kind of object to make us comfortable or we need to depend on it to be successful.

You know, there is one object that will make you sucessful. Go to your bathroom right now, and look at the mirror. That person right there is the one who make things happens with his/her two hands. Smile. You can do it without worshiping on anything at all. Because the destiny has been written for you, and you alone, are to walk on that path. Destiny cannot be changed, so make the best out of life, and be dependent on that mirror girl/guy.


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Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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