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Evako’s 1st vacation of 2011…..

I haven’t been writing anything useful these days. Now that my creativity has become quite rusty, I am trying my best to make it all shiny again. Well, I’ll just update that I went on a trip last week, which I supposed to be going to a beach but due to floods, I ended up at the mountains. It’s such a sad thing, you know, I took the trouble to get a new bikini and a really cute dress for the beach and I didn’t get to wear it. I had to wear my Sydney Uni sweater instead since it was freaking cold up in the northeastern Thailand, and the mountains were even colder…..

Anyway, the first place I went was Chokchai Farm, it’s a really nice place and I never got bored of it even though I have been there countless of times. I even got to ride a horse! Hehehe…. Had steak too….

Later, we stopped for a night at Phimai, where I went there when I was a senior in Uni. I am a fan of antique and historical sites, so I enjoyed my time there a lot!!! Hmm… Well, the food there wasn’t that great, but that served me a reason to go on for diet.

We went to khao Yai, our next and last stop, where we got to see loads of wild animals…..like deers, more deers and even more deers. And so, we got to see a wild elephant, monkeys and even more monkeys, and humans… The air was so fresh and delicious. The stars were just sooooo beautiful that got me moved. My fingers were eager to write something, but I was still not that inspired though….. God. I love those stars. I want to see them again, and be inspired to write a nice poem. But it’s kinda difficult to write one when you don’t have a person to inspire you too. Just like when I was in Sydney, I got Tegoshi to inspire me, or like in 2005, I got Yunho to inspire me, and back in ……I’ll stop. I haven’t been inspired for such a long time and I wonder what those feelings once were like.

So basically, we went back to the resort, and the very next day, we went for an elephant ride. Yay! I love elephants. Pretty scary, but it’s thrilling! I need more thrill and excitement in life. Interested in volunteering to make my simple life more tasty? So we did some trekking, and waterfall watching, more scenery watching and ended up in palio, this European look alike area where I took loads of pics. And then nothing happened much later. Just went home, hoping when I could go on to my next trip.

Haven’t written such a long post….. I wanna refrain from writing academic stuff for a bit. Been too academic these days…… I wanna go back to creative eva for a while.

My next trip will definetely be krabi again. This time, nothing is gonna happen. I need more vacation!!! Bangkok life is boring now……


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Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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