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The four roles of a woman.

During my studies in Sydney on Japanese women, I came across a Japanese term, 良妻賢母 which literally means, Good Wife, Wise Mother. Of course, I didn’t know such a term like that exists, since it has been almost an instinct that woman had to be that way.. In fact, this is the ideal woman in which society expects women to be when she is married. However, this term or ideal does not only exist in Japan, but in Asia as a whole. You get married to the whole family, not just one person.

However, I would like to address it even further that, that good wife or wise mother is just not enough. Society expects a woman to be much more than that. I shall say straight from my opinions that a woman is expected to be a filial daughter, a good wife, an obedient daughter-in-law and a wise mother. It does sounds problematic, but that is reality.

A filial daughter must be obedient to her parents and that she should follow whatever her parents wishes…. If you have nice parents, they spoil you and let you have it that way, But if you have really strict ones, then you better listen to them with reason, since not everyone is born to be reasonable. Lucky for me, my parents are nice, reasonable and even though they are strict, they never taught me to do things like boasting, telling lies, hurting others or taking advantages on others. That is why I shall swear that I will successfully be a filial daughter and I’ll be that way until the last day my heart stops to beat.

Moving on to an obedient daughter in law. Well, I can’t say much about this since I am not going to be one as of now. Seriously, when you watch those lakorns or dramas, you will be really pissed off at the mother in law from hell. Honestly, before loving anyone, get to know their mother. If their mother hates you, you better not destroy their family by taking away their child because they hated you. Even if you loved their son or daughter with every heart and soul, You can’t possibly win their hearts in just a few months. It’s pretty hard, I think. Well, I hope I’ll just be a filial daughter for now. Too complicated and depressing to think what if the mother in law hates me.

That good wife and wise mother are compulsory. And I hate blogging about it since, I am sick and tired of writing about it again. I have done a 9000 word essay on this issue, so hopefully and kindly understand my situation. So, as of now, I am just one filial little daughter……

Being a woman kinda sucks. Being a man sucks worst. They got responsibilities too. Humans are just fated to be that way. Rabbits are more carefree….. So I guess being one might be better than being a human after all…. How I wanted to be a bunny.


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Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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