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Bad Omens….

My right eye has been twitching for a week now, and it just won’t stop. It is so goddamn annoying. Well, accordingly to Asian beliefs, left twitching means good luck while right twitching means bad luck. Adding to the bad luck part, there is this Thai belief that on that year you turn 25, bad luck will fall upon you. Yes. I am going to turn 25 this November. Tiger in the rabbit year ain’t that good either, I guess? well, triple bad omens for me in the middle of this year. Crappy. I am in deep shit.

I just got to keep myself safe from stalkers, idiots, bitches, bullets and things that can detonate I guess. Yes. Should keep myself away from termites as they are eating my house as I speak. There is a colony in my house and ready to eat up my living room.I hate it when I had to use the plug, and I got to see it’s dreadful nest in my own house.

When on earth did this blog starts from bad omens to termites? There must be a connection somewhere. Idk.

Well, god is cruel, I’ll tell you. All those shit that happens to good people, don’t blame it on the devil and stop saying god is testing us. Are you fucking kidding me? If he existed, he would have been kinder to good people and punish bad ones. Karma makes more sense. Well, it just makes more sense since I am planning to write a book on it as a theme.

Anyway, if anything happens to me or people that I love within these few days, weeks or month, this post gonna be like epic. I foretold my own misfortunes. Yes, right now, I could feel that I am in deep shit. If it is a disaster like a tsunami or an earthquake destroying things and people around me, it is still better than terrorism or something less extreme.

So, let’s see if this is gonna be my last post. Bad omens go away. Never ever come back again.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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